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How can we best serve you? What is your favorite show of the week? It is essential to find a cable T.V. provider that offers the channels you desire, as well as to make sure you get the channels that are most important to you.

Its cable television packages include essential packages, sports packages, and Latino packages, which are among the most popular in the nation. While there are fewer channels than Dish or DIRECTV, several packages cater to people who need a certain level of flexibility.

Check out our review for more information on Xfinity packages. Cable T.V. provider Xfinity comes with an array of packages, the majority of which offer enticing incentives, though its options aren’t as comprehensive as those of Dish or DIRECTV.

You can watch Netflix on your T.V. with Xfinity’s X1 H.D. accessory.

Xfinity T.V. packages

Xfinity basic cable

One package stands out like a sore thumb among the rest: the Limited Basic package. In addition to local government channels, over ten national broadcast channels (ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, PBS) are provided.

Furthermore, you will be able to watch all the H.D. channels free of H.D. charges if you use an H.D. receiver instead of a set-top box.

Xfinity Starter package

  • 100 top-rated shows preloaded
  • H.D. presentations are available in the majority of cases.
  • In addition to 140 channels, the lineup includes
  • FX FX, A variety of media, are available, including F.X., TLC, HGTV, and Bravo
  • There will only be a $20 monthly fee increase for the first 12 months
  • You’ll get more than 100 channels compared to the Digital Economy package.

Xfinity Preferred Package

  • The most popular 100 shows are preloaded on the device
  • This package includes over 220 channels, increasing to about 80 media over the Digital Starter package.
  • Sports enthusiasts will enjoy this package, including NFL Network, NBA Network, and MLB Network.

Xfinity Premier package

  • Channels over 260
  • Stream the top 100 shows right away because we have preloaded them
  • A 24-hour sports channel is available through the service.
  • As a Streampix subscriber, you have access to movies and T.V. episodes without commercials and wherever there is an internet connection.

Xfinity T.V. plans & prices

To be considered a good cable T.V. provider, a company’s package offerings should be versatile provider options. The more options you have, the more likely you will find a package that suits your tastes.

This is the reason why Xfinity offers so many different packages.

Xfinity T.V. & internet packages

With this cable provider, you can watch T.V., surf the Internet, and make calls all at the same time.

Xfinity T.V. channels

Movie channels

The Xfinity T.V. plan includes several premium movie channels for $10 per month. Movies can be watched on the following channels:

  • An HBO subscription includes HBO On Demand, a service that lets subscribers watch original series and movies anytime.
  • You can watch award-winning original series on Showtime On Demand along with award-winning original programming.
  • The blockbuster films available on Cinemax and Cinemax HD On Demand are the best.
  • Movies and original shows from Hollywood are available on Starz, which offers a wide selection of movies and shows. You can find everything you need on STARZ On Demand.
  • A channel named The Movie Channel could not be more apt. You can watch everything from indie films to blockbusters on The Movie Channel’s On Demand Service.

Sports channels

Do you feel the need to play sports? Xfinity is a reliable provider.

With the X1 cable box, you can track and switch between multiple games. The X1 Voice Remote also allows you to issue viewing-specific commands.

The Xfinity T.V. lineup includes five different sports packages, as well as offers several other options, including:

  • NHL Center Ice – You can watch games online from outside your market, whether at home or on the go.
  • When you subscribe to NBA League Pass, your favorite teams will always be close to you. The total number of games available out of the market will be up to 40 per week.
  • Live Pay-Per-View events include the WWE Royal Rumble, one of the most significant events in wrestling.
  • With XFINITY, you can enjoy NFL Network, MLB Network, NBA TV, ESPN Goal Line, NHL Network, NASCAR, and Golf Channel.

Music channels

To please your ears, you can choose from various music channels.

The Comcast Cable Network offers numerous music channels, including F.M., Music Choice 1990s, Music Choice Adult Alternative, Music Choice Blues, Music Choice Classic Rock, Music Choice Classical Masterpieces, Music Choice Dance/EDM, Music Choice Metal, and Music Choice Pop Latino.

Xfinity Latino channels

Is there a channel you want that has a variety of Latino themes? There are several Latino packages available through Xfinity. Latino channels are available in all bundles offered by Xfinity, including Triple Play and Double Play.

  • The Xfinity TV 150 Latino package includes 60 Spanish-language channels, including Telemundo, and ten English-language channels, including ABC, NBC, and Fox. The total number of channels available to you will be over 130.
  • The Xfinity T.V. Latino channel lineup includes over 60 Spanish-language channels (including Telemundo) and over 90 English channels (CNN, Disney, USA, AMC, History, A&E, CNN, and the USA).
  • Customers who enjoy watching T.V. can choose from 300 Latino channels on Xfinity T.V. There will be a great deal of interest among them in the Latino channels on Xfinity T.V. Aside from Telemundo, this package includes ABC Family, HGTV, and F.X. in English as well as 60 Spanish-language media.
  • Those who enjoy watching television may find Xfinity TV 450 Latino Channels appealing. A total of 200 channels are available, including 60 Spanish and 140 English channels. You can also access ESPN, ESPN2, NBC Sports, TBS, TNT, and English channels.


A good selection of packages is available from Comcast regarding features and options.

Cable T.V. packages with Xfinity include sports, movies, and international service services, so local broadcasters will not be missed. At the moment, however, Netflix is the only streaming service available.

Add Xfinity cable to your home automation package to save even more money. There aren’t many things to dislike about Xfinity T.V., which offers a wide range of T.V. plans, a set-top box, and additional features, such as DVR.

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