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What are the important tips to be kept in mind while studying class 11 physics?

Physics is a highly calculative and reasoning-based subject because you need to apply your complete brain and knowledge to understand how certain mechanisms around us work and in what ways you can apply those mechanisms to your real-life scenarios. It’s not only about the way magnetic fields operate, or how effective the current in electricity is, but it is far more diversified than this. The more you study about it, the more information and knowledge you would garner around it.

To get the best understanding about the subject and score your best in the class 11 physicsexam, it’s vital to be clear about the study material that you will be using for it. Ncert exemplar solutions class 11 physics are the best study guide that you can ever get for studying physics for your class 11th physics chapter, since the language used in the book is completely phenomenal and the content covered in it is highly commendable at the same time.

Every chapter is explained in detail because you will find questions from every topic that is included in your syllabus. No matter what kind of a student you currently are, if you study with full determination from this book, you will definitely ace your physicsexam. But there are certain tips that will help you in studying in the most effective way from this book since you cannot start studying just like that, and you need to be completely prepared while beginning your learning process, only then you will be able to study in the best possible manner. Below mentioned are some of those tips, which you should use before starting your preparation:

Be well versed with the basics:

The only way to get ahead in life is by taking small steps at a time, and it’s very important to lay the right foundation for yourself, because only then you can continue the journey further. To start preparing for your class 11 physics  am, you need to know about your syllabus completely, or we can say the chapters that will come in your exam.

Ncert exemplar for class 11 physics mentions the syllabus in the starting so that you can get a hint about what all chapters you can expect in your s and what kind of content you can expect to learn from them. When you know the syllabus in advance, you can devise a strategy for completing the easy chapters in the beginning and doing the difficult ones later on.

Take a look at the marking scheme:

Another important factor that you should be considering while studying from the ncert exemplar for class 11 physics book is that you should have a clear understanding of the marking scheme of each chapter, which means how much marks each chapter is going to come in the exam.

This makes the whole preparation process easy, since you know which chapters need more of your attention and which ones have the least amount of value in the exam. You can prepare for your exam accordingly because now you know which chapters are more important and will take much of your time and energy, so you can always put your 100% focus on understanding them deeply. 

Exams are a crucial phase, and in no way do you want to lose the marks that can be easily scored by you, so that’s why its advised that you should use the ncert exemplar for class 11 physics textbook and study for your physics exam from it because you will definitely get an idea about where you stand and how much more practice you need to do to score the marks that you want.

Practice numerical:

Physics is a subject that requires constant practice, since the more you solve those numerical, the more confident you can be about understanding the subject and its topics. Most of the questions in physics exams a based on derivations and numericals only, and if you leave them untouched, you can lose your marks easily.

With the help of ncert exemplar for class 11 physics, you will get to study about various numericals that have real-life applications, and if you are able to solve them, then nobody can stop you from scoring your best in the class 11  exam. Once you have read the theory of all the chapters, start with the numericals and test your knowledge, so that you can be confident about your learning.


Do the download of ncert class 11 physics part 1 right away from online platforms and start preparing for your physicsexam. To know more about physics for class 11, visit the Infinity Learn website and get access to the best educational content for yourself.

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