What Are The Different Types Of Ball Valves?

The ball valve is the quarter-turn rotary valve which has the ball-shaped disk which regulates the fluid flow. This type of valve is similar to the plug valve.

There are several ball valve types that you can choose from. Most of them are the quick-acting type which needs the 90-degree turn of the lever or the handle for using the valve. There are cases in which the large valve size will need a considerable amount of force for opening or closing the valve. The gear-operated actuator will be used for this purpose. 

With the help of this arrangement, it will be sufficient for you to have the handwheel for operating the large valve.

There are types of ball valves that we will be discussing in this read.

What Is a Ball Valve?

Ball Valves


These are mechanical devices that can control, direct, modulate, and guide the flow of different substances such as pressures, liquids, gas, etc. Different ball valve types have their share of designs for other uses. Still, the primary valve parts will be the same. 

Different Types Of Ball Valves

  • Floating Ball Valve

The ball is in the position with the compression of the two elastomeric seats against the ball. The ball will be free to float within the body of the valve. The valve’s stem is connected to the slot at the top of the ball, allowing the ball to rotate 90-degrees. Many people also use the floating jet ski dock as it helps to control the waters.

The shaft will allow some of the ball movement in a lateral form which occurs due to the upstream pressure on the ball. This movement is responsible for producing the load in which the ball will press against the seat downstream, it helps to enhance the properties which make it leak proof. 

This valve has the ability of the bi-directional shut-off. The floating valve will be challenging to use when the upstream pressure is high. 

  • Trunnion Mounted Ball Valve

This type will solve the problem of the excessive torque needed by the floating type valve in the high-pressure service. The ball, supported by the two floating seats, remains in constant contact.

These are, in a way, so that it needs lower operating torque. It helps to decrease the actuator size and makes the valve cost-effective. The difference in the cost will be the essential factor when the pressure class and the size of the valve increase.

  • 3-Ways Ball Valve

Most of the ball valves come in 2 ways. However, there are applications in which the 3-way ball valve may come in handy. The three-way valve has three entries rather than the traditional 2 way.

You will need the multiport design for diverting the fluid coming from the primary valve inlet to two different directions, which is served by the two separate outlets of the valve. Another application of this type of valve should be the main flow line operated by the two different and alternate inlets. 

The ball of this type of valve can either have the T or the L design. The particular ball type of the valve is accessible in the trunnion or the floating design, with any valve type, and in various materials such as carbon, plastic, and stainless steel.

Different Ball Valve Body Designs

  • One Piece Ball Valve Design

The way of putting the ball into the body is through the entry in one of the pipe flanges. It is later secured with the gasket that forms the parts of the raised face. It helps to enhance the inherent strength and reduces the risks of leaks.

  • Split Body Ball Valve Design

It is referred to as the 2-3 piece ball valve, and its body is split in 1-2 places when the valve flanges. The body is also bolted around the ball. It is more common amongst the smaller sizes because it is cost-efficient to the trunnion mounted the ball valves because of the weight of the component. The good thing about this type of split body valve is no severe maintenance.

  • Top Entry Ball Valve Design

It is the type of rare valve design in which you will have to insert the ball via the bonnet in the valve top. The primary advantage is that the critical parts of the valves are maintained while the valve stays in the pipeline.

  • Fully Welded Ball Valve Design

It is where the valve body is welded, and its maintenance is impossible. You will usually find these types in the gas pipelines.


All you should know about the ball valve can help you choose the best and appropriate type of valve for your use. With the help of the 4a molecular sieve, you will see better performance.

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