What are the Benefits of Projector Over TV

Many people who want to buy a big TV have doubts about which is the best projector or TV? Buying a TV is an easy decision because you are doing what everyone else is doing and not out of the ordinary. But the lure of a giant temple image from a projector, almost the same price or even cheaper than a big TV, forces some people to make the bold decision to buy a projector, and most of them never regret that decision.

It will not happen. The drawing here compares the size of a 42-inch TV with 100-plus-inch screens and a 6-foot man. If the picture on these large projector screens is clear and bright, then there should be no doubt that a projector is a better buy than any big TV. Check our recommendations on the top portable projectors for presentations.

With a projector at home, you have the same kind of picture on the screen as in a movie theater. In your home, watching a movie with a full surround sound on a screen 100 inches or more is a pleasant experience and better or better than watching a movie in a theater.

From this diagram, you should see how the size of the projector screen compares to the TV. With a bright projector picture, even the most significant TV can’t get close to the pleasure of watching a movie on the projector screen. We have outlined the comparative advantages and disadvantages of TV vs. projector.

What are the Benefits of Projector Over TV

How to convert diagonal screen size to actual width and height of the screen

Oblique size of the projector screen when the projector manufacturer specifies the size of the projector image. It is always good to change the screen size to the actual width and height of the screen. We like to share with you an easy way to do this.

16: 9 To change the diagonal size of the screen to its width and height: Suppose ‘d’ is the diagonal width specified by the manufacturer, then to obtain the width and height of the 16: 9 HD aspect ratio Use the following conversion element. If you are looking for any TV or monitors you must need to visit best ultrawide monitors reviews.

Projector Screen size compared to TV 65 inches.

Let’s consider the screen area ratio of a 65-inch TV image to a 100-inch projector image. The 65-inch screen is 56.65 inches wide and 31.87 inches high at 1805.34 inches. A 100-inch projector image is 87.2 inches wide and 49.05 inches tall to cover an area of ​​4273.00 inches. Although the diagonal size difference is only 1.5 (100/65 = 1.54), the difference in area between the two images is 2.37 (4273/1805 = 2.37). That way, you get a picture of the projector about 25 times the size of a large 65-inch TV. TVs more significant than 65 inches are costly, much more than a high-quality projector.

The 100-inch image quality produced by a good quality projector is excellent. If viewed on a 65-inch or giant TV along with the best quality TV image, you will choose a projector.

The downside of a projector is that you should see the projector in a not very bright room. As long as the room is dark, the quality of the projector image will be much better, such as better contrast ratio, more clarity in the big picture, and the feeling that you are watching a real movie in the theater. The projector image is easy on the eyes, and the pressure on the eyes is less than the bright image on the TV screen.

Advantages of Projector over TV

The main advantage of a projector on a TV is that you get a great picture at the same price as a big TV. If you consider the cost per inch of TV size, a projector works very cheaply. Another great advantage of a projector on a large TV is the size of the projector.

A projector weighs less than 20 pounds (9 kg) and is very easily portable. It can be quickly removed and set up in a new location without any hassle. On the other hand, a large TV is heavy and fragile, and you have to be very careful when moving a large TV. You will need expert TV installers to remove and set up a large TV in a new location.

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