What Are Online Test Banks And What Do They Have To Do With Academic Integrity?

Online test banks have become a popular concept in recent years, and they are used all over the world. These are in the form of pre-packaged online resources that serve as lectures and are often offered by different educational institutes. These have become very popular because they are generally created by the producer of the textbooks students are using. This is advantageous because the topics are around the chapters in the textbook.

The text bank offers a wide selection of questions and includes feedback. The feedback is generally based on specific answers by the students, which helps them understand how much they have learned and if they have made any mistakes.

How Students Find the Online Test Banks Useful

When online test banks were introduced, they were thought to be a good time-saving resource for instructors. In the next few years, they became a popular tool for students, helping them prepare for their exams. Openstax Test Banks is one of the most popular and widely used test banks among students.

Students save time because they have all the curated questions directly on the topics. In fact, to make things easier and more useful for students, the test banks now include a collection of questions from actual exams. Thus, students have an idea about the questions they can expect in the exams.

Impact on Academic Integrity

There has been a lot of debate on academic integrity with the increasing use of online test banks. On one hand, students are quite happy because they are able to get everything, they need in one place. Widely used as study material, instructors may choose to distribute these to students in the hope of assisting them.

But unfortunately, there have been instances when test questions from exams were uploaded without the consent of the instructor. This means that the instructor was either not consulted or was not willing to share the course content online. This does impact academic integrity and is one of the reasons why many educators are not happy about the use of such intellectual property without their consent.

However, considering the needs of the students, there are different ways of reducing such a negative impact on them. If questions are changed frequently, it will ensure that even if the questions are viewed and accessed, students will not be comfortable limiting their studies to certain chapters or topics because questions will not be predictable. The questions on the next exam will be unique.

Experts suggest that questions should be changed on a regular basis and that there shouldn’t be any pattern that is followed. This will ensure that even if previous exams are somehow accessed and viewed, the unique questions on the upcoming exam will demand independent thought from the test-taker.

There are recommendations to ensure that students apply their own knowledge and do not repurpose the answers. The main objective is to ensure that student’s study everything and complete the test comfortably. It shouldn’t work as a shortcut for students or prevent them from completing the full course.

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