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What Are Famous Digital Nomads

The community of digital nomads has only been growing for a few years, but some have managed to find a place for themselves and are considered today as real influencers of this way of life. ノマドと ? Learn with us.

  • Bestjobers: Elisa and Max embarked on this adventure in 2015 after a first experience with the Best Job in the World adventure. They have become full-time content creators and influencers, allowing them to combine travel and work all year round.
  • Instinct Voyageur: Fabrice is also a true digital nomad, and has been for almost 20 years. The creation of his travel blog goes back 10 years now and has inspired many travelers to embark on the adventure of digital nomadism.
  • Luc Brialy: Luc is passionate about life and always full of enthusiasm for new projects. It is with his personal experiences that he had the idea to create his site bearing his name. The idea was to be able to accompany its readers toward a nomadic and profitable way of life. He combines marketing and psychology through articles and numerous training courses.
  • Nomad’s Heart: Anissa launches her blog to have a place of exchange combining the lifestyle of the digital nomad and the spiritual nomad for an inner journey. She has now become a creator of multilingual content and travels around the world.
  • Nomadicmatt: one of the most famous travel bloggers in the world. Matt lives from his passion and has inspired thousands of readers since the creation of his Nomadictmatt blog.

Tools to better understand digital nomadism

If you want to get more information about Nomad 意味, feedback, and additional motivation before you start, there are many tools available to help you learn a little more. 


Podcasts are an effective and practical way to discover new subjects and gain knowledge, whatever the field.

Podcast under the name “Nomad Digital: living and working anywhere in the world. ”  is a classic. This is the meeting place to discuss entrepreneurship, productivity, and travel. If you are fluent in English, I also recommend the Nomadtopia Radio podcast. It’s a program that brings to light all the profiles of ノマド by sharing their experiences. You will find all the keys to get started and face all the unexpected.

In the Instinct Voyageur podcast: an unmissable event for Instinct Voyageur readers, you will find many interviews with other digital nomads.

The events

Events are also organized to bring the community together and allow everyone to discuss this way of life. This is particularly the case with Fabrice and his Digital Nomad Starter day. A day that mixes conferences and practical workshops to give all the keys to future digital nomads.


Finally, if you are a fan of books, there is a lot of content on the subject of digital nomadism. Free to be Digital Nomad by Fabrice Dubesset: a practical guide that gives you all the keys to becoming a digital nomad.

From burn-out to digital nomad:

a book that reminds us how much professional exhaustion can upset a whole life and sometimes, for the better! Go ahead, get started! From executive status to blossoming free status by Aurely Pons: she recounts her entire adventure and her process of becoming a digital nomad at the age of 30.

Testimonials from the digital nomad

If you need feedback, Fabrice had the opportunity to speak with digital nomad differences to gather all the essential information and anecdotes. 

In the interview with Nomadicmatt:

you will find an exclusive exchange where he tells his journey and shares some anecdotes about him. Digital nomad in the Philippines and Southeast Asia with Kévin: an interesting exchange where Kevin shares his journey and his experience in the Philippines as a digital nomad.

A digital nomad family around the world:

Fabrice interviews the family of Christine and Patrice who travels around the world with their sons while working online. The lifestyle of a digital nomad, with Lucie: becoming a digital nomad in 2013, Lucie looks back on her experience and shares her journey between Europe and Asia. With the ZEDs, a family of digital nomads: the family embarked on the adventure of digital nomadism several years ago and today travels through Europe with their daughter.

3 tips to become a digital nomad

If you are about to become a digital nomad, here are the 5 most important tips I can share with you:

#1 Avoid day-to-day sightseeing

Although it sounds appealing to be a digital nomad, it’s far from easy. It is important to dissociate holidays and work abroad, where the conditions can be extraordinary (climate, landscapes, cost of living, etc.). Don’t forget to establish good work discipline. Make time for a real vacation, but also set aside time just to work all day.

#2 Have a good work environment

In addition to work discipline, it is essential for a digital nomad to have a well-defined work environment. This is one of the most important factors for being productive in your professional activity.

Take care to choose hotels or accommodation with a table or desk, a suitable workspace, interesting light, and a very good internet connection. Plus, take advantage of being in town to find key places to work, such as cafes or coworking spaces.If you wish to work outside, there is a chance that there will be no Wi-Fi available, therefore buy a sim-only contract with enough megabytes to work with.

#3 Manage your budget and income well

Unlike employees who have a fixed income every month, entrepreneurs and freelancers generally have “up and down” incomes. The budget may therefore vary from month to month. This is why it is important to set a budget and stick to it to avoid the difficult end of the month or to deprive yourself of an excursion that was important to you.

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