What Approaches Make You Your Escort’s Most Prioritized Client?

Imagine yourself residing far away from your hometown because of work purposes. Amidst your hectic work life, there would be one point in time when loneliness hit you massively. You have no friends, companions, or close ones to share quality time with.

In such a circumstance, a girlfriend experience would make you feel overwhelmed and joyous. A qualified escort knows the importance of maintaining her etiquette. But do you know how to behave with her? If it’s your first time, welcome to this post that teaches you certain things to become your escort’s favorite client.

Want to be The Best Client on Your Escort’s List? Maintain These Etiquettes

#1 Maintain Cleanliness &Hygiene on the First Day of the Meeting

To become a long-term client of your selected escort, please take care of cleanliness and tidiness. On your first date with her, wear fresh clothes and use perfume to eliminate a puckish order. Otherwise, it becomes difficult for the girl to take one step further to those intimate moments.

Beware of your breath. Please get some chewing mints if you think it smells bad before meeting her. Additionally, you also need to be punctual with the timing.

On that day, please visit her neat. Regardless of the size and shape of your genitals, you must wash them. Despite being the most attractive client, you may not top her list if you go to her with a smelly scrotum or sweaty butt. There’s a high chance the girl won’t see you again. So prepare yourself to become your chosen escort’s most prioritized client.

#2 Do Not Discuss Sexual Acts In-Person

Do you want to enjoy a cold winter night cuddling with the girl in bed? Whether it’s a girlfriend experience or only physical intimacy, respect a woman for who she is. Even though selling her body for money is her profession, you don’t have the right to disrespect her dignity. 

So, whatever erotic pleasures you have in your mind, never discuss them in person. She’s a lady, after all. And you should always respect her in public and inside the four walls of a room. 

#3 Read Her Mind and Learn What She Tries to Convey

If you want it for a long-term purpose, always try to understand her. Catch all the cues she gives you through her statements. Until and unless you read her mind, you won’t be able to have the best venereal experience in bed.

She might not prefer her clients to address her in a dirty manner. And on her first meeting, she will give you cues about it (she has the experience, after all). Some girls prefer smash-cuddled post-coitus, while others don’t like it. If you’ve selected an escort Babylon per your needs, you need to concentrate on what she tells you about herself. That way, you can awaken your sensual interests with the model.

#4 Understand Her Boundaries and Consent

No means no, irrespective of whether you are in a relationship with a girl or seeing an escort. However, there might be certain times when her health does not permit her to do a few things. During those moments, you should never force her.

#5 If You Want to Reward Them a Tip, Be Polite with Your Behavior

If you want to live a girlfriend experience with the girl, remember one thing. There’s always a financial transaction required from your end. A few escorts agency charges you in advance only to cull time wasters. 

So, instead of getting into a fight with her, be polite to ask whether you can pay half the amount in advance. It totally depends on the rules & regulations of the escort agency. But if you want to reward them with a tip, ensure to be well-mannered by calling it a token of love.

One quick tip: It’s great if you express to her which of her particular postures or moves fulfilled your erotic desires.

And there you have it. Maintaining decorum will help you become the escort’s favorite client.

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