What all do you need to know about reverse engineering?

There is a lot of work and effort that goes into making an application, since the right people need to be hired, the knowledge needs to be acquired, and money is needed to build the best application. Unfortunately, the competition in the application world is escalating every year, thanks to the rapid advances in technology. Since your competitors always strive to outperform you and gain your valuable customers, it is clear that you are bound to encounter security vulnerabilities if your application is the most popular one.

Through reverse engineering, they are able to extract the application’s source code from its APK file, requiring the use of specialized tools and techniques to extract the source code. As a result of this process, we will gain a greater understanding of the way your application works and what makes it special and convenient. You can give them access to features that are superior or premium, which can be abused by them, and they can introduce malware into your system that will damage it. Below are some suggestions on how to protect your app from reverse engineering:

  • Select the most suitable programming language: To solve the problem of reverse engineering, you should choose the right kind of programming language since C & C++ languages can be used effectively to write the functionalities of your code that support your major business operations. It is very easy to decompile Android applications, which is why you should always choose the correct programming language to use when creating android applications.
  • Encryption of data: If you want to protect your apps against reverse engineering, the best thing you can do is to store your business logic within an encrypted format. Code Obfuscation is an art and a science, and if you perform it correctly, it is impossible for hackers to decrypt your code since it is merely a mystery that they are unaware of. Therefore, it’s imperative to utilize the right encryption approaches in order to ensure that your data is absolutely secure and cannot be misused.
  • Eliminate storing sensitive information in external devices: In terms of apps that contain sensitive information about users, it falls to the developers to make sure this information is encrypted and protected by the app developers. Rather than storing such information on any kind of device or external storage, it should be housed on the computer itself, because if it is easy to access and unencrypted, hackers can easily access it by attaching a USB cable to the device from which access is requested. Getting the wrong hands on this data could potentially result in a data breach leading to a complete dismantling of your end-user experience since your users will lose faith in your app.

All of the above-mentioned points provide information on how to protect app from reverse engineering and why you should incorporate these tips and suggestions into the way you develop apps, since they can enhance the security of your application and make it more user friendly.

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