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Uses of the mobile testing tools for mobile testing

Today, many people are using modernized devices to communicate with someone for personal or business use. These modernized tools consist of advanced features and components such as camera, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, recorders, etc. Using these devices, they can call someone who is located far away or just send text or even picture messages. They can also collect information using internet technologies and perform routine tasks. But, a user may experience problems using these devices constantly. The hardware components may get damaged or software applications may cause problems. So, if you are experiencing problem, then you should meet the technician. They use mobile testing tools to test the device. Different aspects of the mobile should be tested and hence the expert technicians use different types of tools. 

Using the testing tools to test the device

The expert technicians perform testing for two types of problems namely hardware and software testing. 

Performing hardware testing

The expert technicians perform hardware testing to test the hardware aspects of the mobile. They test the hardware components of the mobile such as Bluetooth, camera, wifi, space of the memory of the camera, etc. They also view some aspects such as screen size, resolution or pic size, etc. 

Performing software testing

The software issues of the device are tested. They test the functionality and performance of the mobile. The technicians test three types of apps on the mobile. The application used in the device are used such as native app, web-based app and hybrid app. The native apps are the applications or platforms downloaded to perform tasks directly. They do not require internet connection. The web based apps require internet connection. The technicians access different apps such as Chrome, Firefox, etc. The hybrid apps can function independently and with an internet connection also. They are used using technologies such as CSS or HTML. 

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So, to test the hardware and software components different mobile tools are used. The technicians also perform different types of testing such as interface testing, usability testing, services testing, operational testing, security testing, etc. 

The tools used for testing the device include the testing management tool used for scheduling, analysis, defect logging, etc. The user also uses the execution tools for testing if the applications are properly functioning and the user is not experiencing difficulty using the software. The expert software developers use the static analysis tools to perform static testing of the device.  These testing tools are used to access the web pages and the native apps of the device. 

Today, the expert software developers designed some special tools to test the functionality of the device. They perform the UI tests quickly using algorithm locators system. Some testing tools use cloud-based technology providing automatic test results on various devices. The best testing tools also generates information such as activity logs, screenshots, and identify the issues very quickly. They also add the latest OS updates on the device.  The tools are used to perform quick UI testing providing the specifications of the hardware and software. They access the alignment of the UI components. Some open-source tools are used for producing automatic results for different types of apps. 

These devices are useful in the initial stage of development. The types of testers include the device testers, operating system emulators and browser emulators. The browser emulator is used to activate the browser environment and the operating system emulator is used for devices such as android, window phones and iphones. 

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These tools are classified according to the types of licensing used such as freeware, open source and commercial, purpose of testing, level of testing and the features used for testing the device. 

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