Useful Small Balcony Decoration Ideas with Plants

Plants are the best source of oxygen. After Covid-19 people started growing indoor plants or outdoor plants in homes and balconies to breathe fresh oxygen. I love doing gardening but I live in an apartment so I could not make it. But the balcony garden idea gives me an opportunity to let my dream come true. So here I put forth some useful tips and tricks about how to improve your balcony area. Get some ideas to add some more greenery to the balcony to grab the attention of viewers. Take a look at the small balcony garden ideas made with decorative plants, you will surely like them.

  1. Decorate your Balcony with Contemporary Style:

Now people love to be on nature’s side. People want to sit beside the plants to breathe fresh and oxygenated air. So here you can do some arrangements like putting pots of the outdoor plants around the sitting arrangement. You can use the areca palm plant, azalea plant, or any plant that bears big leaves. You can use chairs or cushions to sit next to plants. Also, place one wardrobe where you can put your favorite books to read. This modern style balcony decoration really helps to eliminate all types of stress and fatigue from the body. If you are in the mood to send the same vibe sending plants is the best option.

  1. Use Hanging Pots in Small Balcony:

Some balconies have very little space and so you cannot put big pots there. So here hanging pots will help to elevate the balcony look. You can use hanging pots instead of sitting pots. Hanging pots looks visually impressive. Just you need the right type of hanging pots that suits your balcony walls. You can hook it or hang it. Hanging pots are easily available in online nursery shops. If you are a bit creative you can make recycle unused bottles or containers to recycle as hanging pots.

  1. Theme Based Garden:

Well, this takes a lot of effort to bring a garden theme to your balcony. You can choose the hanging pots, sitting pots, and other pots that match the wall color of the balcony. Also, you have to bring some artistic pots that bring an artistic look to your balcony. You can also put some spiritual stones or metal idols to bring some divine spirit. There are so many things you can add to bring divinity to the balcony.

  1. Herbal Garden:

If you are questioning how to decorate a small balcony with plants here is the answer for you. We heard about the kitchen garden but in an apartment, you do have not such kind of facility. So here you can transform your balcony into the kitchen garden. if your apartment is partially shaded then you can easily grow vegetables and herbs in this open space. You can grow aloe vera, coriander, thyme and so much more to create a scenic look. You can also grow vegetables like broccoli, tomatoes, and chilies to improve a healthy lifestyle.

  1. Use Steel Rods or Structure To Create a Whimsical Look:

You can exaggerate the beauty of the balcony by using steel rods or some movable structures. Instead of pipe, you can use wooden sticks for climbers. Use lots of climbing plants to cover the whole balcony grill and wall. A definite structure of rods will help climbers to fill up the empty space. You can also use hanging pots here to hang on that structure. You can ask your mason to build such a type of structure for you.

  1. Use Colorful Flowers to Brighten Up the Space:

If you like flowers you can use them to grow seasonal flowers to add some color to your balcony. There are so many low-maintenance flowering plants that bear beautiful flowers in pots. So you have to use flower pots that suit to flower type. Flowers really appeal to the eyes. This will also attract butterflies. So it will make you feel like you live in nature’s world. If possible use those flowers that bear tiny flowers in the group. Flowering plants can grow in small pots so there is nothing to worry about how you will grow flowers in a pot. Even you can grow them in small hanging pots as their roots do not spread as big plants do. If you wish to you can also choose this as an option for birthday plants delivery in USA.


So here are some important ideas about how to elevate your balcony with plants and nature’s things. You can use some antique pieces to stand beside the plants. Also, you can delight in a scented candle to have a sound sleep beside nature. You can use those beautiful lamps to light up the balcony at the night. You have all ideas and now it’s your time to implement them. Go for it.

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