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This isn’t a recently disclosed fact that the youth is on the path of self-destruction. The fact is supported frequently by cases of minors getting caught in online gambling, fake ID usage for rated products and content, and so much more.  After money laundering and terrorist financing, minor protection is what bothers businesses and regulators the most. An age verification solution by global IDV providing companies resolves such crises with sheer perfection before they even begin.

Digital screening technologies with databases of considerable size and importance are meant for securing the future of tomorrow. The age checks conducted by the online system reduce the margin of danger for teenagers by a great difference. The global IDV system acts as a strong pillar of a business that benefits the regulators, children, parents, literally everyone, not just its clients.

Significance of Age Verification Solution

The AI-powered online system with digital mapping tools seamlessly identifies minor access to age-protected platforms. The face recognition software embedded into the global solution derives authentic results to the ideal integration of multiple AI models. The deep neural module network with machine-learning algorithm facilitates close to accurate results and keeps enhancing due to the sheer range of the digital technology.

The facial mask attacks for impersonations and constructing false visual materials to bypass an age verification solution are of no good for imposters. The smart system with a massive database and anti-fraud technology conveniently learns the presence of synthetic ness.

There are several tools in the age verification solution for delivering precise results. To name a few:

  • The automated analysis to analyze the depth of the client’s face during the customer onboarding or online shopping for products like cannabis and alcohol
  • Liveness detection in the face authentication to detect unusual action or non-synchronization
  • Microexpression analysis in an age verification solution, to capture every minute action of the client
  • The error-free comparison of facial dynamics of the client’s selfie with the face on the identity documents, and so on

Key Benefits of Online Age Verification

Comprehensive Database

AI-driven systems come with a coverage of different countries and regions. The substantial global data registers of clients of multiple territories in an age verification solution identify the authenticity of a particular customer in just a few seconds. The business can seamlessly expand to different demographics and increase mobility with close to perfect output through the digital systems.

Single API Integration

The global IDV solution is not only designed with compliance to age and minor protection laws of different countries and states but the system can easily perform on different platforms. The age verification solution can deliver precise results on desktops, iOS, and Android platforms with zero friction. An age-restricted business is not liable to integrate the online system and make any modifications. The business without compromising their working system can conveniently optimize an age verification solution.

Uni-Dimensional System

A specific age-restricted product and services provider can obviously utilize AI-driven technology for confirming the ages of clients. Apart from that by also integrating AML screening in the compliance program, the business can executive the KYC authentication, AML, and age checks in one go.

Customized Offers

The age verification solution comes with different service plans for businesses and online casinos. The concerned party can avail of the online service according to their resources and requirements. The enterprise or gaming operators incorporate the minimum age limit for customers. The age-gate and other things specified by the firm make an age verification solution customized and ideal for them.

Use Cases of Age Verification Online

Alcohol Industry

Many poor minors every year lose their lives due to excessive consumption of alcohol. The entrance of an age verification solution in the infrastructure of age-specified businesses and platforms not only manages and protects the corporate image from getting sabotaged but secures countless innocent teenagers from wasting their lives. Before approving the order, the age verification solution validates the client from global registers in order to maintain KYC compliance.

Online Gaming

The phenomenon of online casinos and games is something that would appeal to coming generations for eternity. The unmonitored advertisement of such games on the internet is also a contributing factor of children wishing to indulge in it. The age verification solution during player registration conveniently identifies the eligibility and streamlines the onboarding.


The age verification solution is something that will be needed as long as there are age-restricted platforms and services. The potential of the AI-powered system is responsible for protecting the interests of a particular business, its clients, and all minors from different countries and territories. Age verification solution is absolutely justified in customer validation and ongoing checks.

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