Types Of Photography

What is wedding photography? What is still life photography? What is the difference between wedding photography and event photography? Are you also troubled with these questions?

If yes, you are at the right place. The area of photography is wide and dynamic. You can find the inspiration to capture and create from every object around your environment.

Thus, for your help, we have compiled a list of the types of photography that exist. The list contains the common types of photography practiced by professionals and amateurs.

You can even start your photography journey with any of the photography types.

Types Of Photography

Event photography

If you love to attend events, parties, birthday celebrations, corporate parties, then event photography is one of the right choices. People organizing such events often require photographers for capturing the arrangements, activities during such events, and people for memories. Event photography involves capturing all the moments and activities occurring during different events.

Thus, if you love to click candid pictures and record activity moments, event photography may be your cup of tea.

Product photography

Product photography is one of the specializations you can have in the field of photography. It involves capturing different products in a unique yet beautiful way.

Product photography is used for listing products on online e-commerce websites, product catalogs, advertising, and selling through social media channels.

Product photography is generally done in a studio with set backgrounds and effects. The arrangement helps to achieve uniformity among all the photographs.

Wedding Photography

Wedding photography is another specialized photography that any photographer can do. Wedding photography includes other types of photography like event photography, portrait photography, etc. r

Wedding photography is more difficult than other types of photography. Clicking the perfect shot of bride and groom, rituals in a wedding is not an easy task. It takes creativity and visualization power to capture a beautiful moment during the wedding ceremonies.

Wedding photographers have to stay on their feet for almost every moment. They have to be quick enough to capture the small moments and candid pictures.

 Fashion Photography

It is one of the glamorous photography genres among the other categories. It is one of the most difficult forms of photography you can get.

Responsibilities of a fashion photographer include staying aware of the latest trending styles, capturing the cover shots for magazines, fashionably presenting the designed clothes, and many others. You have to stay aware of all the new and recent gear required for photography.

Fashion photographers also have to travel to different locations to capture beautiful clicks on designated locations.

Portrait Photography

Portrait photography is one of the careers in photography having wide career options. Portrait photographers are needed in every phase of life. They click photographs after a newborn birthday, family photography, school photographs, and many others.

Corporate companies often hire portrait photographers for clicking their employee’s pictures and group pictures. They upload these photographs on companies’ websites and social media platforms.

Portrait photography can be a great way of starting your photography career. You can create an appealing portfolio by clicking portrait shots. It could lead your way to a more professional portrait photography career.

Travel photography

Travel photography is one of the careers that a person who loves to travel can pursue. With travel photography, you can travel and shoot beautiful places and areas.

Travel photography combines many other types of photography. You can click photographs of the people living in an area, their lifestyle, the local food options, and many others. Thus, if you love to explore, travel photography is the right option for you.


Photography is a form of art. Through photography, you try to capture moments of your own life. You even capture the memories of other people from their lives.

There are many types of photography that you can explore. You can do photography as a hobby or even as a full-time career. Major types of photography are present here. Other types of photography include food photography, architectural photography, lifestyle photography, still life photography, etc.

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