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Heya food lovers! Looking for best lunch boxes brand in our country India. Your search is over here as we have shortlisted some of most famous and top-notch quality material brands for you. So, let’s open the gates of Food World and show some of best lunch boxes for you.

Why to buy Lunch Boxes?

As the school and office canteens have all kinds of food now a day so the question arises why one should have his/her lunch box. If you are fond of healthy and homemade food then there is no better choice in taking lunch boxes with yourself as lunch boxes keep your food fresh and hygienic.

Talking about lunch boxes let’s discuss about priority list of consumers before buying lunch boxes.

Buying Guide

This buying guide will help one to choose best of best for themselves. The points are listed below :->


Durability is one of the important factors for consumers before buying any lunch boxes as the durability tells that can the box store the food within it.

Light weighted

  • The lunch boxes should be light weighted as many consumers buy them for their offices or for their little ones. As in the morning the working people have a weight of their file’s laptop, etc. So, they feel burden in carrying tiffin’s and it is mostly seen in the case of kids. Therefore, one should buy light weighted lunch boxes.

Attractive Designs

  • Attractive Design attract consumers a lot. By the reports by some of the lunch manufacturing companies it is being observed that in the case of buying lunch boxes for little one’s kids like the attractive designs more than the ordinary lunch boxes.

Leak proof

  • One carries food to their workplaces or schools or anywhere hoping that they will enjoy their meal time with their colleagues, friends etc. But if the food gets leaked in their carry bags ruins their mood. Therefore, one should prefer leak proof lunch boxes

Available in different models

  • In this new world of technology, the lunch boxes have evolved too. The new lunchboxes are made now made of not just stainless steel, aluminum or glass. Now, the lunch boxes are also available in different categories rather than mentioned above. Consumers prefer the new model of lunch boxes a lot.


So, that was all about the buying guide for lunch boxes. Now, let’s see which brands of lunch boxes are trending in market.

Lunch Boxes: Trending Brands

In today’s world we have unlimited options but among all of them we look for colorful and attractive lunch boxes which are available in market. Let’s have a look on top seven lunch boxes brand in India are listed below :->

1)  Borosil

If one is looking for something simple, classy, attractive then Borosil tiffin boxes is best choice for you. Borosil is perfect for storing the food in a safe place.

It is suggested by many consumers because as it is made of borosilicate glass which makes it more solid. If you use it regularly in a year you would be surprised to see no breaks, cracks or stains on it.

Borosil lunch container is BPA-free and FDA certified microwave, oven and dishwasher safe, and these insulated lunch boxes keeps food hot and fresh for long hours.

2) Tupperware

Tupperware lunch boxes are made of 100 % pure virgin plastic. They are environment friendly as they reduce the use of thrown food packages.

They are both air and liquid tight lunch boxes. They are specially designed to be compact, easy to carry and clean. All these qualities make it to the one of top brands in lunch box industry.

3) Milton

Milton is most preferred brand by Indians as Milton is one of most trusted company. They provide best lunch boxes for kids.

Milton tiffin’s inner container is 100% leak proof and tested in labs too. You can find more of Milton tiffin boxes on online shopping sites.

4) Cello

Cello lunch boxes come with sealed shut compartments as they won’t spill any food in different situations. People who like to eat various dishes prefer it more.

They are leakproof still their lids are not difficult to open. These lunch boxes are strong, tough and have sufficient space to store any food item.

5) Signoraware

Signoraware gives tough competition to the above-mentioned brands and are considered best lunch boxes brands which is gaining fame in market.

They are best fit for offices. They also provide tumbler with their lunch boxes which gives them the plus point to set up their position in market.

6) Vaya

It is BPA free lunch box brand that comes in different sizes and shapes for catering to various appetites. Lot of spacing and gaps adds extra quality of packing up more items at one go.

Vaya provides VacuTherm Insulation which keeps food hot and cold for long hours max 5-6 hours. This brand lunch boxes are made up of leak-resistant lids having integrated gaskets make cleaning a hassle-free chore.

7) Magnus

This brand provides plastic and stainless-steel lunch box brand comprises of leak proof boxes which can keep your tiffin fresh for hours.

Its stainless-steel variants feature food grade silicone covers which guarantees great performance even in bad weather conditions.


The top lunch box brands are listed above. Hoping that you like our short-listed brands. But one need to remember that stainless-steel lunch boxes are easier to wash than aluminum ones. Your purchase decision needs to dependent on this factor and all the other factors mentioned above.

Happy shopping 🙂

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