Toy Room London

Toy Room London, Guide & Review

Despite its deceptive name, this club is one of the most popular in the city. It has a long waitlist of dozens of people, which makes Toy Room a popular party spot in London. Neither men nor women pay the same entry fee for the club, which is 20 pounds. The club’s small size gives it a personal and exclusive feel, so there is only room for 180 people at a time, so the crowd reflects the club’s vibe. R&B and hip hop are probably not your cups of tea if you aren’t into Toy Room. Despite its grunge graffiti and posters, the place only plays hip-hop and R&B music. When only a limited number of VIP tables are available in an exclusive club, VIP tables usually cost more. Here is a list of prices you can refer to.

The location of

The hotel is conveniently located right in the heart of London. From Piccadilly Circus tube station, the club can be reached in about five minutes by foot.y foot. Mayfair’s address is 9 Swallow Street. If you are, It’s pretty easy to find if you know where to look.

VIP Table Guide

It’s pretty challenging to find a VIP table at the Toy Room because there are only a few. You need to book a few weeks in advance to ensure you can get a table. Due to your VIP status, you can enter the tables faster. Additionally, you will be assigned an entertainment specialist at the VIP table besides bottle service. There is a 1000-pound charge for standard tables and a 2000-pound charge for VIP tables. Only a limited number of tables are available in the Toy Room, so the prices are higher.

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Service with bottles

Bottle service is available at the club. The amount of liquor you order will determine your charge. The cheapest option is vodka, under 300 pounds, while the most expensive depends on your taste. Depending on your personal preferences, what you enjoy depends solely on you. Nds solely on you.

The Dress Code

A London club with an exclusive dress code is expected. A formal suit and sports jacket are required for entry to the club. Whether she’s wearing a cocktail dress or a floor-length gown, a nice pair of heels should enhance her appearance.

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