Top Leadership Challenges To Face In 2022

2022 has been a year of HR digital transformation, and newly surfacing leadership challenges. Leadership is hard with new business models, employee expectations, and work cultures. It’s not easy to know your workers’ mindsets if they are thousands of miles apart. 

The coordination between teams is more challenging when there are clashes and ambiguity. There is an increasing demand for change and conflict management between teams. Only a good, smart, and intellectual leader can overcome these issues. 

Read more on how to overcome leadership challenges in the blog post below. We incorporate it with smarter HR technology like uKnowva. It will keep you in tune with the latest updates in the HR world that impact leadership decisions. 

Top Leadership Challenges To Face In 2022:

Recruiting the right talent without bias. 

Finding the right talent is always a challenge. Leaders are facing more of these challenges in 2022. There is a greater shift in the age of war of talent. Employees are demanding more, and employers have different expectations. Meeting those is difficult without the right system of recruitment. 

We highly advise the new-gen leaders to trust the uKnowva HRMS for smoothening and transforming the HR recruitment process. This tool automates core recruitment functions without involving or inviting bias. 

The CV parsing and shortlisting are on point and on time. Employers do not see the candidate’s sensitive information. The system also creates a talent pool to recruit or re-recruit in bulk in the next hiring cycle. The applicant tracking system is also useful for tracking the effectiveness of the job application. 

Working on the feedback system with a shared purpose.

Leadership challenges in 2022 include communication gaps to bridge and overcome. One way for leaders to overcome these gaps is to establish a refined feedback system in the firm. 

Employees receive critical and constructive feedback points or remarks on time. Team members publish reviews or remarks for their project partners on the project sheet. This happens extensively when firms implement the uKnowva HRMS suite. 

Introducing a feedback system brings employees more clarity and a feeling of belongingness. Their trust level in each other increases. There will be less friction between employees. Leaders wouldn’t have to focus on their team management and quality score more often.

The communication channel will be clear, and the queries will be heard and acted upon on time. Teams also get the right knowledge to improve their weaknesses and strengths before taking up new projects.

Find ways to extend internal coordination and collaborations. 

While researching how to address leadership challenges, we felt the need for a strong communication channel. This has to be a social intranet by uKnowva as an example. The social intranet includes team or group chats. Individuals, too, connect on that platform without missing important updates. Extending collaborations on the social intranet is viable for employees despite their workstations or time zones. 

They can sort their issues using the social intranet platform. Teams can collectively derive a decision without bias. Team leaders promote these collaborations, so the internal reputation and rapport improve. Leaders have to work less on their subordinates when there is clarity on the social intranet. 

They use polls, surveys, or even detailed forums to discuss issues prevailing inside or outside the organisation. Leadership challenges are transparent and less manipulative when team members have purposeful communication on the smartly accessible uKnowva social intranet. 

Ensuring there is no favouritism or discrimination at workplaces. 

Leaders face multiple challenges with their teams and employees at the workplace. These include fear and the emergence of favouritism and discrimination. Those are negative workplace culture norms. Unfortunately, these are contagious and can spoil team productivity and retention. 

Leaders often look out for approaches in the search for “how to overcome leadership challenges” related to office politics. uKnowva offers the right solution there with its transparent and self-serving HRMS suite. Teams connect and collaborate there with a shared purpose and mindset.

There is no room or opportunity for office politics to surface. Leaders are in the loop with the conversations impacting projects assigned to those teams. They can access the system at any time from any smart device. Only their login credentials will be needed. The system is secure as well. So, there are no breaches for hacking and disrupting team conversations. 

Plus, HR admins and leaders can upload company policies for everyone to overview in the HRMS. They can keep refreshing the policy, so every new/old employee knows what is expected from them. Companies can set up a zero-tolerance policy against discrimination. 

Then, there are dedicated helpdesk and grievance systems integrated with the HRMS. This function helps resolve employee issues without the involvement of any unfair means or practices. So, HR leaders have a lot of virtual assistance to solve their daily challenges when implementing uKnowva HRMS. 

Self-assessment programs for leaders. 

Leaders often face challenges to self-assess themselves. They are fearful of the result. But with uKnowva HRMS, there is nothing to worry about. The algorithm at the backend runs automatically and highlights the team’s and individual’s productivity. It depends on the projects spearheaded, completed, and acquired. 

By evaluating their team’s performance, team leaders will know if they are a valuable asset to the business unit or firm. They use the uKnowva performance management system tool for that. They also leverage the goal-setting option to set goals for themselves over a period. 

The system will then run an analysis in the background. It helps team leaders to consistently self-analyse their achievements. Such leadership challenges are necessary to identify and conquer. Because leaders, too, are responsible for driving results from their teams and are answerable to senior management. 

They must be effective in mentoring, coaching, and leading the team to a predefined path. 

A need for high trust with employees. 

New leaders’ biggest challenge is building rapport and trust with their employees. That happens over time. It is not a one-way road, per se. It has to be from both ends. However, team leaders need to initiate team-building and team-bonding exercises first. 

These exercises make the conversations clear and purposeful between the leader and their employees. There will be less friction and more shared mindsets with these activities. 

Leaders plan these activities on the virtual platform like meeting rooms by uKnowva. They can leverage uKnowva’s interactive intranet. There, leaders initiate a dialogue or conversation through polls or surveys. Employees engage well, too and ask their leaders questions to remove confusion and enable faster project delivery.


Leadership challenges in 2022 are pretty interesting to list as we end this blog post. But we hope this post was as interesting to read as it was to research and write. Search for how uKnowva HRMS smarter solutions help modern-day leaders to conquer their fears. 

It is an interesting on-cloud and AI-backed tool. Leaders build goal-oriented teams using uKnowva features like:

  • Performance management
  • HR analytics
  • Virtual biometric
  • Social intranet 

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