Top Home Staging Tips Before Selling

Top Home Staging Tips Before Selling

Home staging is a great way to make your house stand out against its competition before potential buyers. According to studies, home staging before selling increases the chances of potential clients picking your home by over 40 per cent. It also increases the speed at which you can get your house off the market. The trick to getting these benefits is following the best staging tips before selling your Portland home:

Start by decluttering and depersonalizing

When staging your home before selling, the first things you have to do are to declutter and depersonalize. Decluttering helps improve the home’s aesthetic appeal and makes it look bigger. It would be wise to go room by room when decluttering, removing anything you do not need. You may be tempted to stuff everything inside the cabinets, closets, and pantries. However, this is not the right way to go as potential clients may request to see these parts of your home. Depersonalizing always goes hand in hand with decluttering. Depersonalizing is all about removing sentimental things from the home to allow potential clients to visualize the home as theirs and not view it as someone else’s. You can depersonalize the home by removing family photos, medals, personal items and keepsakes.

Deep cleaning

Equally as important as the first, the next step is cleaning the house. Here, you are not doing regular cleaning. Deep cleaning is more complex and requires more time and effort. Ensure to clean the carpets, curtains, wipe stains off the walls, and cover every house corner. Remember that the purpose of a house show is to allow potential clients to explore every aspect of the home before deciding. Deep cleaning aims to make the house look like nobody has lived in it. Do not neglect the exteriors of the home, the gutters, and the windows. Depending on the amount of cleaning your home needs and its size, you may need to hire a professional cleaning service.

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Aim for a light and bright look

Once all the clutter is eliminated, and the home is depersonalized and clean, the next step is getting the home to look light and bright. You can do this by opening or pulling the blinds and curtains before showing and fixing the light fixtures. You can also replace your outdated lighting fixtures and dust the bulbs to help them let more light through. It would also help play with different lighting colour temperatures to make the home brighter and lighter. This will highlight the elements of your home and increase its appeal.

Go for a conversational furniture arrangement

Furniture arrangement is also essential during home staging. It can significantly affect the house’s aesthetics and how big or small it looks. You can move around your furniture to create conversational spaces. You can do this by pointing seats and couches towards each other to increase the amount of space. You can also point the couch towards the TV. If you do not have the ideal furniture for home staging, you can always rent good furniture. Naturally, if you choose not to use your furniture, you must organize their removal and storage.

Work on your home’s curb appeal

Home staging is not only about the inside of your house. The purpose is to ensure that the entire property is appealing, including its exteriors. Curb appeal refers to the general aesthetic appeal or attractiveness of a home from the outside. The curb appeal is the first thing potential clients will notice about your home before walking in. Therefore, you can improve your curb appeal by power washing your exterior walls and walkways, cleaning the windows, mowing the lawn, trimming your hedge, and planting flowers. Adding a welcome mat and potted plants on your front stoop can also help.

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Make the potential buyers visualize living in the home

When staging your home before selling, another incredible trick is to make potential buyers visualize living in the property. You can do this by setting the table, baking some cookies, and some other finishing touches to make it homey. However, please do not make it too personal. Make the finishing touches as general as possible. For instance, do not bake your kids favourite cookies. Instead, go for the most popular flavours.


You can easily stage your home by yourself or with the company of your family. However, if home staging is not something you can do by yourself or if you do not have time and still want to sell your home fast, you can always hire professional assistance.

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