Top Best Prenatal Control Apps For Parents

Cell phones are an important part of daily life. Apart from age or gender discrimination we all are kind of addicted to the screen. On top of the screen, a list comes cellphones. Look around and I am sure you will see someone stick to the screen.  It is how it is and I am not complaining. It is the new way of life and we all must come to terms to accept the fact that we can’t live without them. 

These screens were made to assist us in daily chores but we are kind of addicted to them now. Thus now if you ask me to spend a day without the gadget I will think before committing because it will be a long boring day without any productive work most importantly. 

Thus it is settled that screen in the form of cellphone, tablet, laptop or any other way is here to stay. Now the next thing is how to stop the next generation from being the zombies who feed on the screen and screen-related stuff. People born in the last ten to fourteen years are practically growing up with these so-called gadgets and social media and as you can see these modern weapons are impacting their life in so many ways. 

Parents are worried about the teen’s obsession with tools and online mediums and they are trying to find ways to keep a check. Monitoring online activities and smart gadgets is only possible if the parent sticks with the kids 24/7 which practically is impossible. How about finding a tool that such with the kid 24/7 in place of parents and report about all the teen life and activities in detail.

 Yes, that is possible and the name of the superpower is a cell phone spy app like the OgyMogy.These apps can act wonders as they can practically report about all the real and real-life activities so the teenagers. You can make amendments if you want and protect the teenagers as well. 

Here are some detail about the prenatal control apps

OgyMogy Parental Control App:

On top of our list is the OgyMogy spy app. The app is not just a cell phone spy app but also offers desktop laptop or tablet monitoring features. Different versions can be used like Mac, Windows, or Android version to keep a check on teenagers.

  • The app offers a user-friendly interface
  • Three different economical bundles are offered for the parental community. 
  • Major features include Camera bug, mic bug feature, remote access to the screen activities, information about installed apps, live screen recording and more. 
  • The social media and instant messenger chat apps covered by the OgyMogy are Facebook, Whatsapp Line, Viber, Skype, Tinder, Kik, and many more. 
  • Parents can also keep an eye on the call log, phone calls recording and SMS logs and read text meaasgaes sent & recevied  of the kids as well. 
  • GPS location tracking, geofencing, keystroke logging, browsing history, are some of the other features offered by  the spy app.  

TheOneSpy App:

TheOnespy app is another cell phone spyware app that offers parental control and employee monitoring features to its users. TheOneSpy is compatible with windows, mac, android, iOS devices. You can check the real-time location, online activities, live screen recordinng, Social media tracking like Whatsapp, Sanpchat, Viber, Facebook etc.Call recording, live surround listen, track internet browsing, text messages sent & received, keylogger, and more featurs. Users can monitor and track all online activites of children and loved ones for safety with the help of TheOneSpy app. 


The studio is one of the cellphone parental control apps that can be used as a prenatal control or even for employee monitoring. The app offers fix number of the device to use i.e 5 and offers interesting features like social media monitoring, text message monitoring, and more. You can also use this app to filter web content for the target person. The app can also be used to check the whereabouts of the kids. 


In case you are looking for a cell phone parental control app for both system android & iOS then securekin offers the services. The app offer geo-fencing for parents. You can mark a zone and get notified about the whereabouts of the kid. The app allows the parents to ensure a safe online search. Thus in case you are worried about the unfiltered exposure to online content you can use this app.


Brak is another online app that is considered one of the best parental control apps for all kinds of uses. The app offer email monitoring, social media monitoring, and more. They also offer a seven-day trial period for the users. 

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