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Top Anniversary Cake Ideas 

An anniversary comes in a year and every couple wants to make it memorable for their whole life. You want to express your feelings in a romantic way in front of your partner. But how are you going to do it? Well, when words are not enough, a cake is sure to express your feelings. And, to help you express your feelings deliciously, we bring you some wonderfully romantic anniversary cakes online.

3-tier Cake

If you are looking for a grand celebration then a 3-tier cake is the perfect choice. You can make your wedding celebration memorable by placing it on the center table. These cakes are available in various flavors to choose from as per your preference and get online delivery from nearby stores.

Monogram cake

Monogram cake is a great idea if you are looking for a happy anniversary cake. Get your initials printed on the cake. Choose any cake decorations, shape elements and the way you want your monogram. And you’ll have an absolutely adorable and memorable wedding cake!

Photo cake

Anniversaries are all about finding ways to express love for each other. Special occasions are celebrated in a grand manner. And nothing can be better than starting a special day with a surprise! Order a beautiful anniversary cake with some pictures and make your day memorable.

Pinata cake

We have seen many cake trends over the years and the recent trend is grabbed by the stunning pinata cake. It adds funky excitement to the party – as everyone is eager to see what’s inside. You can find the lip-smacking pinata cakes on any online portal in many flavors, including Strawberry, Chocolate, Vanilla, Butterscotch, Red Velvet and many more. With an elegant design and delicious taste, pinata cakes are a popular choice for anniversaries. Make your anniversary celebration a memorable one with Pinta Cakes online.

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Pull -me up Cake

After pinata cake, the next trendiest cake that has taken over is pull-me-up cake. Taken the internet over by its charm and deliciousness, this cake will never fail to impress you and your soulmate. Just pull over the sheet and let the deliciousness drool all over. 

Heart Shaped Cakes

Another great addition to the list is heart shaped cakes. With any doubt, a heart shaped cake is a perfect choice to celebrate your special day. Filled with love, this cake will be your showstopper. You can get it in any flavor of your choice from any reputed online bakery. Finding a good bakery should be your priority because you don’t want to take any chances with your anniversary cake. 

Jar Cakes

What if all that celebration and joy were packed into a lovely glass mason jar? Wouldn’t this make for a heavenly feast? Well, to make those fabulous dreams come true, Jar Cakes which have some of the most mouth-watering flavors. What could be better than having some cakes on-the-go with these jar cakes that are so delicious that you and your loved ones will be craving for more? It makes a perfect gift for your anniversary celebration.


Those delicious dishes that are not only pleasing to the taste buds but also pleasurable for the eyes are a favorite of all, regardless of age and gender. You can’t stop smiling with cupcakes in each hand of your favorite flavor and icing. These yummy little cakes that can bring a splash of joy to any occasion. Such is the love of cupcakes that couples choose a platter full of cupcakes in every flavor instead of a gorgeous wedding cake because why not!

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Half Cakes

As you complete the glorious six months of your loving relationship, it really demands a celebration. All you need is a half-anniversary cake to make the day unique and memorable. Celebrating six months is a great way to enhance your bond with your partner. Half Birthday is a great idea to organize a mini get together and enjoy a half anniversary cake.

Designer Cake

Planning your biggest occasion in a sweet manner? Designer cakes are the perfect choice. Customize it however you want and make the celebration an epic one. Order it online. 

Emoji Cakes

Emoji are very popular in today’s world, we find them all around us. So why not try something unique for your anniversary celebration? A bright yellow emoji is the perfect way to wish “Happy Anniversary.” Choose the emoji of your choice and get a cute cake to make the celebration special.

Order your anniversary cake delivery in Bangalore or wherever you reside and make your occasion memorable. 

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