Top 6 Advantages of YouTube Marketing: Traffic, Visibility & More

There are numerous platforms to pick from in the realm of online marketing. While popular websites like Facebook, Instagram, or even your website are excellent locations to begin and grow your business, the option of having a YouTube channel may be the ideal place to market your business on the internet.

Let’s face it, we all enjoy videos. We love going to the cinema. We enjoy watching the videos that people post on Facebook. We enjoy streaming videos to keep up with the latest shows like Orange Is the New Black and The Crown; we love exploring the rabbit holes of YouTube. What more do I need to say? A compelling video! It’s like we’re not able to stop ourselves. How many times have I seen this footage showing the hamster consuming carrots? More more than I’m willing!

If people enjoy videos the way we do, it’s worth thinking about videos as a part of the marketing plan. Of course, by “video,” we’re referring to YouTube. If you’re not yet making YouTube marketing part of the overall strategy, take a look at six reasons to look at YouTube marketing.

What is YouTube Marketing?

YouTube marketing is the method of promoting your company’s presence through YouTube with ads and videos. YouTube is the second-most visited website worldwide, behind Google. Since its inception, it has accounted for more than 2.25 billion daily active users globally. If you’re looking to diversify traffic sources, YouTube marketing is the solution.

The Top Benefits of YouTube Marketing

1. Heavy Traffic

YouTube is expanding exponentially and has more than 5 billion videos consumed every day! This is more users than other platforms available. Even if you don’t make numerous videos for your company, it is still possible to be seen by people by advertising your content on other people’s videos. There’s so much activity on YouTube that you’re sure to get new customers as long as you meet their requirements. Here are a few YouTube facts that you must be aware of:

  • YouTube has 30 million people visiting it every day.
  • 30 hours worth of videos content are posted on YouTube every minute
  • The majority of YouTube users claim that videos aid in their buying choices
  • The amount of medium and small-sized business advertisements on YouTube has doubled in the past two years.
  • YouTube is accessible in more than 76 languages (this represents more than 95 % of all Internet population)
  • YouTube has localized versions in over 88 countries

2. More Viewability in Google

You may have observed that videos are shown more frequently than other types of content in Google’s search results. You can profit from this by writing quality content on your site and then creating videos from this content uploaded to YouTube. This will result in backlinks for your website; your company will appear more often in Google search results. When you use YouTube marketing, you are increasing the authority online of your company. The more authoritative you appear on Google and YouTube, the better your site will appear on the Google search results page.

Here are some suggestions you can follow to improve the credibility of your site through YouTube:

  • Other websites should incorporate your YouTube videos onto their sites
  • Connect your website to your YouTube channel
  • Make sure to share your videos on various social networks
  • Utilize different styles of video to connect with your customers

3. Make your Email Mailing List using YouTube

You can create your list of email subscribers through YouTube. Several applications allow you to insert your sign-up forms directly into YouTube videos. The video can be stopped to let viewers submit their information and sign up to your email list. This makes it easier to create your email list and provide quality content.

Here are a few of the most commonly used methods to make an email database on YouTube:

  • Make use of lead magnets
  • Add annotations
  • Add cards
  • YouTube ads YouTube ads

4. Higher Conversion Rates

If a photograph can communicate thousands of words, the video can make the equivalent of a million. Furthermore, videos can stir emotions better than other forms of content. They transform your message from static text to lively and captivating and can bring your company to life. They also help build trust and credibility among your customers distinctive. This engaging and entertaining type of content can increase your website’s conversion rate to up to 80 percent.

5. Multiple Video Types

Another significant benefit to YouTube marketing is the variety of kinds of videos you can make to promote your company’s image on the internet. The most commonly used types of videos you can find that you can find on YouTube are explainer videos as well as sales videos, social media videos, presentations, and video advertisements. It is easier to reproduce the same content in a variety of formats. If you’re unsure of the type of video to make, you can follow these suggestions:

  • Make entertaining and funny videos.
  • Answer the most common questions (think about the top frequently asked questions that you will receive from prospective customers regarding your company, products and even your services)
  • Let your brand’s image shine through behind-the-scenes videos
  • Make testimonials of customers
  • Go live

6. Massive Media Library

YouTube does not just have large numbers of users – it also has a vast media library. This is because the library is filled with 300 hours of videos uploaded onto YouTube per minute. With this amount of data, you could locate anything you require to know about the world. To navigate on a platform like this, YouTube has a powerful search engine to find the specific content you’re seeking. With more than 3 billion queries per month (much higher than, AOL, Bing, and Yahoo combined), it is the second most popular search engine available. If you’re worried that your content will be lost in this ocean of data, you need to improve the quality of your YouTube videos.


YouTube offers every business the chance to gain more visitors and customers. But, it’s highly competitive too. It isn’t possible to simply upload videos and expect outcomes overnight. Many big companies jump into YouTube marketing without a plan. Their lack of views and Subscribers on YouTube demonstrate it. To be successful on YouTube isn’t just about making amazing videos. It knows how you can optimize your videos to be relevant to key phrases that users on YouTube are looking for.

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