Top 5 Best Mobile App Design Ideas in 2022

For UX and UI designers, it’s not easy to come up with the perfect design ideas for every one of your projects, since inspiration does come and go without your control. But you can always take advantage of the creative mobile app design ideas and guidelines in our following article to improve the quality of your work.

Design an accessible interface

To start with, you are required to provide users with an accessible interface, so they can comfortably interact with the app without any trouble.

Feel free to use the familiar screens with iconic and common design elements to instantly capture the users’ attention. Proceed to use the varying visual weights to convey your messages and their certain importance in the specific app.

The multi-directional navigation approach is a great way for app designers to direct users’ interactions with your mobile app.

And don’t forget to spend your time decluttering your mobile app design ideas once you finish sketching them down and working on your mockups.

Make the design consistent

By having a consistent app design, you can improve users’ experiences with the in-app elements and allow them to enjoy its many features with ease.

Have your consistent designs throughout all platforms 

Make sure to always have good consistency when designing your apps. Maintain your consistent design language through the different menus and pages inside the app, so users can enjoy their native app experiences.

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These require brilliant and precise use of the right colors and text for your buttons, panels, and other elements on the app interfaces. And always maintain your consistent menu and page layouts to highlight users’ focus on the app’s functions and products, instead of its changing designs.

Always aim to improve user experiences

To make your app more user-friendly, UI and UX designers will need to think like your app users. This includes your animations and predictions of users’ different needs and preferences with the app. Keeping this mindset will provide you with many cool and intuitive mobile app design ideas.

Always try your best to minimize the user inputs or whatever that prevent people from instantly enjoying the app. And don’t forget to enable the Dark Mode and other theme settings, if you want to improve users’ experiences on your specific product.

Try out creative and unique designs

In addition, there are many creative and unique designs that you can try on your app or get inspired by.

Use the borderless and limitless imagery on your app, especially when promoting products, to quickly highlight certain objects and make the users more willing to click on these impressive photos.

Try out the asymmetrical layouts of app menus and on-screen components to make your designs more impressive and unique. Also explore the use of unconventional text alignment, as a bonus to your unique layouts.

Work with the abstract patterns of many unique and creative designs to make the app menus and pages a lot more intriguing.

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Make use of a good design tool.

And if you want to make your design work a lot easier and less time consuming, then using good design software like Visily is also a great idea.

Use Visily to improve your app design performances

Here, you’re free to use the many built-in presets and app templates, which will allow you to quickly and effectively design your creative app UI and UX.

And the AI-powered features will be included to help you instantly realize your design ideas from sketches, images, and more.

Finally, the easy collaboration features will allow UX/UI designers and the dev team to comfortably work together in handling their different design tasks and finalizing the projects.


For those of you who are having trouble with your mobile app design ideas, the above suggestions will definitely help you improve the quality of your work.

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