Top 5 Apps For Coaching Institutes To Take Their Classes Online

Top 5 Apps For Coaching Institutes To Take Their Classes Online

Without a doubt, technology and the internet have made the world a little place. Just a single click and everything is possible in seconds. Technology has showered a plethora of benefits on the education system as well. It has revamped the way the educational sector works. The sturm and drang caused by COVID-19 has pushed every educational institute to impart online classes. It was impossible to conduct physical classes in order to abide by the lockdown guidelines. How has it become easy for institutes to conduct online classes? Just because of technology, it has become simple as well as interesting. 

Online coaching has acted as a boon for aspirants of government exams. There are a number of government exams in the queue to be held this year like SSC CGL, bank exams, UPSC exams etc. The postponement of exams has given ample time to candidates for learning. A majority of candidates choose to brush up their knowledge by joining a coaching institute. As it was not possible to join the face to face classes, so many of them have preferred online classes. Do you know how coaching institutes conduct online classes? Obviously, with the help of online applications. There are many applications that can make online learning hassle-free. 


Here are top 5 apps that can help coaching institutes in imparting online classes:

  • Zoom App

From office meetings to online classes, zoom app is adept in providing high quality video conferencing. The best thing about this app is that it is easily available on app stores of android as well as iOS. Every student can easily access this app on their mobile phone and attend classes. Do you know the procedure for conducting and attending online classes on the zoom app? If not, then go through the following steps:

  • First, a teacher needs to create a meeting and generate a password to it. 
  • Afterwards, the teacher has to send a meeting code and password to students.
  • Students can easily join the class with the help of meeting code and password.

Therefore, it is easier to attend online classes on the Zoom app. The one thing you have to make sure of is that you have a strong internet connection. 

  • Google meet

Apart from the Zoom app, the next best app is Google meet. You can also find this app easily on iOS and android. The features of zoom app and google meet are almost the same. The only difference between them is that multiple people can share a screen at a time in the zoom app. Whereas, in google meet only a single person can share screen at a time. 

Additionally, google meet has integrations like gmail, google drive, google calendar  and microsoft 365 apps. This implies that you can easily access your meeting directly from the calendar, even if it is not a google calendar. Thus, it is easy for students as well as institutes to conduct online classes. 

The procedure to create and attend classes on google meet is the same as the zoom app. Teachers can create a meeting code and password to conduct classes to students. 

  • Skype

Skype is one of the most efficient video conferencing apps. It offers free video conferencing just like the Zoom app and Google Meet. Skype does not only help office colleagues, but also coaching institutes. There are many coaching institutes that use skype for conducting classes because of its high-end video and audio clarity. The best feature of skype is that you can conduct classes regularly for 4 hours. Whereas, in the Zoom app you can conduct a meeting for a maximum of 40 minutes. Thus, the time span of meetings makes many coaching institutes choose skype over zoom app. Also, a maximum of 50 people can join a meeting on skype at a time and share their screen. 

  • Zoho meeting

This is a perfect video conferencing tool you can find on the app store. It is a chrome extension that allows to conduct webinars and online meetings. Zoho meeting is designed with WebRTC technology. Therefore, you can run this app on the browser without installing it. You just have to add the Zoho meeting extension on chrome to start a quick meeting. Additionally, more than 50 people can easily join a Zoho meeting at time and share their screen. It is easy to show presentations on this app. This feature has made many coaching institutes impart online classes with the help of this app. 

  • Microsoft teams meeting

Apart from the above apps, another significant app for video conferencing is Microsoft teams. The best feature of this app is that a maximum of 100 people can join meetings and share their screen. Also, you can easily store a meeting in this app for a maximum of 21 days. This app is a blessing for most of the coaching institutes. The best part about this app is that it provides the best quality of video as well as audio conferencing. It is noticed that this app has started replacing skype in terms of quality and preference. Thus, there are some coaching institutes that are using this app. 

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We all have channeled through the stress of coronavirus with great strength and courage. It was a hard time for the business sector as well as for candidates preparing for the government exams. To help candidates, many coaching institutes opt to deliver online classes”. Not only coaching. Many PDFs are also available for every subject. For bank exams, many institutions provide bank exam study material PDF which is available online But, we have mentioned the top 5 apps in this article that can offer hassle-free and high-quality classes. So, coaching institutes can use any of these apps to conduct online classes.

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