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Top 3 Most Accurate PDF Converters for Windows and Mac

Sometimes it can become necessary to convert some or all of the content on your PDF document to an editable format such as Word or Excel. This makes it easier to make macro changes to the content and can be a godsend when you don’t have access to a PDF editor. 

But to ensure that you don’t overcomplicate the process, the PDF converter that you choose must be highly accurate. Accuracy in this case means that the PDF converter will not delete or alter the text in any way and should be able to maintain the formatting in the original text. 

If the accuracy of conversion is of utmost importance to you, the following are the top PDF converters to consider. 


 PDF Converter

UPDF is one of the best tools to manage PDF documents in various ways. It is a simple to use, highly effective solution that has been designed with the end-user in mind. This means that all the features you need to ensure the accuracy of the conversion process are easily accessible and very easy to use. It is the ideal solution for both beginners and veterans alike.

The conversion tools that UPDF brings to the table make it very easy for you to convert even the largest PDF documents to editable formats in a matter of seconds. It supports the conversion of PDFs to various formats including Word, Excel, CSV, PowerPoint, TXT, HTM, XML, and RTF. You can also use UPDF to convert your PDF into various image formats including PNG, JPG, BMP, GIF, and TIFF. It also has a highly useful and very accurate OCR function that you can use to transform scanned or image-rich PDFs into editable formats, for example, you can convert scanned PDF to Word, or Text, etc.

But UPDF is not just a PDF converter, it also has several other features that make it the most ideal PDF manager. These include the following:

  • UPDF has a collection of the best PDF annotation tools of any PDF manager, allowing you to read and annotate the PDF by adding highlights, shapes, text boxes, and more directly to the PDF. 
  • You can also use its powerful PDF text editing tools to make changes to the text content directly on the PDF. You can replace existing text, add new text and even change the font color and size of existing text. 
  • UPDF goes a step further by providing a built-in image editor that can be used to make significant changes to any images you may have on the PDF. You can use it to resize, crop, delete, replace, reposition and even reorder the images directly on the PDF. 
  • UPDF is also one of the most effective ways to manage the pages on a PDF document. You can extract PDF pages, rotate them, reorder or replace them. You can even merge individual PDF documents to create a single document.

Advantages of Using UPDF 

  • The simple user interface in UPDF makes it one of the most reliable solutions to edit, manage and convert PDFs.
  • It can be used to convert PDFs to the most popular editable formats without affecting the original quality.
  • It makes editing both text and images on the PDF a breeze, allowing you to edit every aspect of the file without leaving the PDF.
  • It also has several annotation tools that make collaboration very easy.
  • It is available for both Mac and Windows and it is free to use.

2. Icecream Apps PDF Converter

Another tool that provides accurate PDF conversion to numerous editable formats. Available for PC, this simple-to-use highly accurate converter supports a wide range of output formats including Word, ePub, and JPG. It has a built-in PDF reader with limited annotation tools and can also be used to open a protected PDF document. 

This PDF converter is one of the few in the market that can convert both ways, meaning that you can convert PDFs to editable formats and convert other formats to PDFs. This makes it one of the most sought-after and easily accessible ways to create PDFs from other formats. It has a powerful and easy-to-use OCR function designed to convert scanned PDFs into editable formats. It also supports batch processing, allowing users to convert multiple documents in a single click. But this tool is just a converter. If your goal is to edit the PDF, you will not have access to the features you need to do that.

3. FacePdf

If you don’t want to install any software on your computer to convert PDF files to other formats, Facepdf is one of the most reliable online tools that you could use. Although it is deployed on the browser, this simple PDF management solution comes with features that you can expect to find in the most advanced PDF managers. 

Facepdf can be used to convert PDFs to numerous editable formats including Word, Excel, pdf to tiff , PowerPoint, and a variety of image formats. It is also very easy to use, just upload the file you want to convert, select the output format and download the converted file to your computer. The conversion is fast and accurate. All the content will be moved to the editable format along with all the formatting.


This tool does have an OCR function to edit scanned PDF content, but this feature is not available for free, you will have to purchase a subscription to gain access to this feature. You can also use Facepdf to edit PDFs in various ways, although the editing tools that you have access to may not be as extensive as you would find on a desktop solution.



Converting a PDF document to editable formats like Word or Excel used to be a very difficult process, accessible to only a few users who could afford Adobe Acrobat. But now there is a wide range of tools designed to simplify this process and allow you to convert a PDF in minutes. UPDF is one of the few tools that can easily convert files and allow you to edit a PDF directly.

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