Tips To Rental Car Dubai Without Getting Ripped Off

Tips To Rental Car Dubai Without Getting Ripped Off

You have been planning a vacation or business trip for some time now, and you know rental cars are the only option. Renting a car doesn’t have to be as expensive as it is made out to be. Here are some tips that will help you get the rental car of your choice while saving money along the way.

1) Book a rental car well in advance

The earlier you book, the better are your chances of getting rental cars with all the discounts and special offers. There is a common-sense rule that states the earlier you book, the lower you can get rental rates. This rule applies to all car rental Dubai as much as it does for flights or hotel rooms. Booking rental cars in advance is a great way to save money.

2) Use rental car comparison websites

There are many rental car comparison sites available on the Internet that compare the prices of rental cars from different rental companies to get you the best possible price.  All you have to do is enter your travel details, and voila! A rental car comparison website provides you with rental rates for different rental companies, so all you have to do is pick out the rental car that suits your needs and budget, and book it.

3) Be flexible about rental location

You can save up on rental cars if you are willing to drive a rental car from one location of the rental car company to another. For example, rental companies charge higher rates for rental cars that are picked up from airports because of the convenience they offer. So next time you are traveling via planes, try out this trick and save rental costs.

4) Book rental cars online

You are sure to get the best rental car deals if you make rental reservations online.  Numerous rental small companies offer rental cars at rock-bottom rental rates, but not many are willing to make their rental cars available for pick up from an airport or train station.  If you book a rental car through one of the major rental car companies, they will include free pick up and drop off from airports and train stations, which will help you save rental costs.

5) Consider rental car insurance

Before you rent a rental car, make sure to check the rental contract if it includes rental car insurance or not. If rental car insurance is included, then great! But if not, don’t forget to purchase rental car insurance. Most rental car companies offer rental car insurance as only an additional service only to those who rent rental cars for business purposes, which can be pretty expensive. Instead of paying rental car insurance charges that may cost you up to 40% of rental costs, why not buy rental car insurance online? There are many affordable and reliable rental car insurance companies you can choose from.

6) Try out rental car sharing

This is a cool way to rent rental cars in Dubai and save rental costs in the process.  Rental car-sharing refers to renting a rental car for shared usage among different rental car customers, which enables you to share rental costs with other rental car users. The car rental company takes the rental cost of rental cars from all rental customers and divides it equally among them. Not only do you get to rent rental cars at lower costs, but you also get other benefits too.

7) Don’t forget about toll fees

When renting a car, don’t forget to check if the car rental company charges rental fees for toll roads.  If rental car rental rates don’t include tolls, you will have to pay rental car rental companies separately.

8) Rent outside big events and conferences

Rental car prices tend to increase during large trade shows and public events as rental companies charge higher rental costs because of the high demand for rental cars.  If you are traveling to Dubai at a time when a big event or conference is going on, it’s better to rent rental cars outside these events and save rental costs.

9) Think about having your rental car delivered for free

Rental car companies in Dubai offer free delivery of rental cars to rental customers if they rent rental cars for a certain period. If you are looking to rent a rental car for more than a week, this is the option you should go for as rental companies will deliver rental cars at your doorstep and pick them up when you return.

10) Be careful about picking up rental cars from airports

If car rental rates include rental cars being picked up from airports, then it’s great. But if you are renting rental cars yourself, be careful with rental car companies who charge rental car rental rates per kilometer traveled.  Generally, rental car rental companies that provide pick-up and drop-off services for free do not charge rental fees per kilometer traveled.


So here are the top ten tips for car rentals in Dubai.  Before you rent a rental car, make sure to check rental policies carefully so that you don’t have any surprises when returning rental cars.

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