Tips to Play CS 1.6 Free (Instead of Having to Pay for All!)

Downloading Counter Strike (CS) 1.6 is free as with the earlier Counter Strike versions. You can also play CS 1.6 on many different platforms at no cost.

However, there are several in-game elements that may require you to pay some sums of money. Plus, CS itself is the legendary king of FPS that gets frequent exposure on gaming platforms like Steam. These two characteristics can make it seemingly impossible to completely play CS 1.6 free.

The good news is, you can still take actionable tips in playing CS 1.6 for free. Here are how you shouldn’t have to pay for the entire addictive game elements:

Purchase CS: GO first

Yes, you’ve got it correct. As with other games, Counter Strike has a series of games that are related to one another. CS:GO and CS 1.6 are no exception.

Some people tried purchasing the CS:GO game first before playing CS 1.6 on their laptops or desktops at no cost. Purchasing CS:GO means buying the whole game. Thus, we unlock the in-game features and elements that free CS:GO players cannot access.

CS:GO costs $15 per one platform you use for playing. You will also need to pay an additional $14.74 to upgrade your player status to a Prime member in CS:GO. Overall, such price ranges are cheap when playing a legendary FPS game like the CS versions.

Increase your presence in Steam

Steam is the approved gaming platform for CS players. Such privileges include players who play CS 1.6. Registering and recording videos on Steam are both free.

Many people proved that downloading (and playing) CS 1.6 on Steam costs $10. However, you can nullify the costs if you only test the game for a short time. You can even reap profits if you make a living by testing various games, including the entire CS versions.

Performing consistently on Ranked mode can uplift your CS-based reputations on Steam. It is when your followers interact more intensely and positively in your Steam account that you can improve your Steam presence by playing CS 1.6 free.

Imagine how satisfying it is to play CS 1.6 free and get some rewards on it. It does not matter if you don’t immediately become a pro player. At least, your efforts in building your reputation will be worth it in the end.

Do not download

You know playing CS 1.6 free will be more challenging if you download it to any of your devices. Even though CS 1.6 is free to download anywhere and the graphics have higher resolutions, it is unwise to download the game.

Many people proved that the downloaded version of CS 1.6 has more unlocked features and elements. These things mean you will have to pay more to level your ways up. 

Another thing you’d want to consider is that downloading will consume your device’s storage data. Fortunately, CS 1.6 is available to play on browsers. You can take advantage of this strength to play the legendary FPS game without any cost.

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