Tips to Clear Class 7 Maths Olympiad

Tips to Clear Class 7 Maths Olympiad

The International Mathematical Olympiad (IMO) is approaching. The IMO Exams for class 7 will be held on 5 December 2021 and 17 December 2021. We all know how difficult the SOF Olympiads are to crack, and when it comes to Math, it becomes a source of concern for every student. Qualifying for IMO demands a lot of effort from any student, as they must commit a lot of time and energy to comprehend and solve the Olympiad issues. Students are frequently perplexed as to how to begin preparation for the IMO exam and be exam ready? It all depends on how they tackle and make preparations for the IMO examination.

Important Tips to Clear Class 7 Maths Olympiad

We’ve put up a list of class 7 Maths Olympiad Tips to clear the exams and help students prepare for the forthcoming IMO exam.

If you are a first-time Olympiad competitor or a seasoned Olympiad competitor, a comprehensive preparation guide is necessary. For SOF Olympiad examinations, grasp the below-mentioned tips for class 7 Maths Olympiad preparation:

Start Preparing 

Because IMO is approaching, you must be prepared to work hard and psychologically prepare for the class 7 Maths Olympiad exam. Questions in SOF Olympiads are more difficult than those in regular school exams. These examinations are designed to assess your conceptual knowledge of the subject. Class 7 Maths Olympiads is intended to assess and develop students’ Mathematical Ability, Logical Reasoning Skills, Visual/Perceptual Skills, and Pattern Recognition Skills as appropriate for the age group of class 7 students. The goal of this series is to help students develop a good Intelligence Quotient (IQ) level during their early learning stages.

Accumulate IMO books for Exercising

Get all of the books and resources you’ll need for your preparation after you’ve gone over the syllabus thoroughly. You must obtain the appropriate books and materials for your preparation. The books chosen must cover all of the content and subjects covered by the class 7 Maths Olympiad syllabus. It is recommended that you use appropriate study materials for class 7 Maths Olympiad only. To prepare for class 7 Maths Olympiads, you must use previous year papers, workbooks, Olympiad Skill Development System, and Mock Test Series. Learn about the most highly recommended IMO preparation books and use them to prepare.

Fully Comprehend the Syllabus

Examine the IMO class 7 Olympiad syllabus thoroughly and make sure you don’t miss anything important. To cover every topic during your exam preparation, you’ll need a complete understanding of the curriculum. It also makes it simple to navigate through each topic, allowing you to finish your preparation on time. If you have any additional questions about the IMO exam, you can visit the SOF website.

Choose a Suitable Location for Preparation and Plan Ahead

Make a study schedule or a timetable for your class 7 Maths Olympiad exam preparation. A normal study program should include 5 study days followed by an assessment day (You can change the schedule according to your own needs). You must adhere to the program for the remainder of the period, or until your preparations are complete. Preparing for class 7 Maths Olympiads necessitates a significant amount of practice, which can only be obtained through undisturbed study time. As a result, you should opt for a suitable location for your study to avoid distractions. Choose a quiet, tranquil location where you can work on arithmetic problems without being distracted.

Continue to Enhance the Fundamental Concepts

Now that you have a good understanding of all of the mathematical principles in each field, it’s time to start practicing class 7 Maths Olympiad questions. You should practice as many class 7 IMO test sample papers and previous class 7 Maths Olympiad question papers as you can. Check out these IMO Maths Olympiad Sample Question Paper Class 7 for preparation for your class 7 Maths Olympiad exams. Practice improves your problem-solving skills and speed, as well as your self-assurance.

Practice, A Lot.

Because class 7 Maths Olympiad questions are all concept-based and objective, you should focus on the fundamental principles in mathematics from both the current and previous classes. Learn how to reinforce your Mathematical concepts with a better method.

Believe that You are a Winner

After you’ve completed your academic preparation, you’ll need to cultivate the proper attitude. The key to performing well in the class 7 Maths Olympiad is to be mentally confident. As a result, it is vital to have a positive attitude to achieve a high IMO score. Learn how to stay motivated, stay happy, study for exams, and solve math problems faster. Starting a week before the class 7 Maths Olympiad exam, review your notes, performance indexes, and go through the Maths Olympiad tips and tricks. Examine your areas of strength and weakness. Make an effort to improve your deficiencies.

Use Tests to Track Your Progress

You should always take a self-assessment test when practicing for the class 7 Maths Olympiad exam to determine your areas of strength and weakness. This will assist you in determining how proficient you are in certain areas and where you need to improve. Assess your performance with the Olympiad Skills Development System (OSDS) and learn about your faults using detailed solutions. You must practice until you believe you have achieved perfection. Now you can put your skills to the test with online and physical assessments. Make an effort to complete things on time.

Take Rest and Stay Relaxed

To do well, avoid studying late at night. Sleep is vital since it aids in the retention of new knowledge and improves memory. Sleeping also aids in the reduction of stress. On the night before the class 7 Maths Olympiad exam, it’s best to unwind and get a good night’s sleep. Maintain a calm demeanor and treat it as if it were just another exam. We recognize that it is easier said than done, but taking stress will not benefit you in any way. So learn to unwind by taking deep breaths, going for a stroll, or sharing a cup of hot chocolate with your parents.

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