Tips On Buying Second-Hand Machinery

Before covering some of the important considerations to keep in mind when it comes to buying second-hand construction equipment, it is important to know why these purchases can be beneficial. 

Second-hand construction equipment will always be significantly cheaper when comparing it to new machinery. You will also end up paying lower interest rates when you apply for funding. Many machines tend to depreciate at a very fast rate in the 1st year of use. 

Buying used construction equipment from surplus database does away with the initial service costs and depreciation. Second-hand equipment with the correct records on its maintenance and service can be a wise purchase since there is already an assurance of the machine’s value. 24-hour live auctions that are held on second-hand machinery websites offer buyers various prices and models for machines. 

  • Deal With Reputable Dealers

Before you make any purchases, particularly from the online vendors, first ask for a reference from any other construction companies or engineers that have already used these websites. Read over customer testimonials and reviews and pay special attention to how the customers have responded to the condition of the machines they have purchased. 

Reliable dealers will usually have premises that are well-established that you can use as a reputable point of reference. They should also have the correct contact information displayed on the website. 

To evaluate how professional they are when it comes to customer service, call them on the provided contact number to see if they promptly respond and whether they are able to answer any questions you might have. Professional dealers should be providing appropriate documents and certifications so that they can prove they are allowed to sell the machines they are displaying on their websites. 

Reputable second-hand machinery dealers have exceptional online traffic and websites. 

  • Take The Specifications Of The Machine Into Account

The work that the machine is expected to perform needs to match up to its specifications. Check on the model, what year it was manufactured in, fuel consumption, replacement parts, size, and more. Make sure these specifications match up to your requirements and preferences to make sure you are making a well-informed buy. 

Conduct comparison exercises on the machine you are interested in that is manufactured by various companies to evaluate all their benefits and drawbacks. If the different models are sharing the same specifications, think about costs and go for a lesser-known brand that may be cheaper and provide you with more value for money. 

  • The History Of The Machine

Make sure you have conducted a background check on the history of ownership and whether it was well maintained. The maintenance checks should include check-ups on fluids including the engine fluid, transmission oil, and hydraulic fluid to check on their performance. Request proof-of-ownership so that you know you are not purchasing stolen goods. You can also request the Serial Number which you can then ask the police to run a check with the records they hold. You can also do an online check or ask your bank to find out whether the used second-hand equipment has liens attached to it. 

  • Machinery Operating Hours

The active hours that should be represented in the machine’s history will be the deciding factor on whether it is a good idea to buy a used machine over a newer model. Good machinery usually has the ability to retain its value (even after hours and hours of operation). Machinery might have short working periods, but many visits to a mechanic for repairs. It is best not to buy one of these machines, regardless of how attractive the price may seem. Maintenance costs over the initial year of service shouldn’t match the costs involved to buy a new piece of equipment when summed up to the first deposit amount. 

  • Inspection And Testing

It is recommended to conduct a test drive to evaluate how the machine performs. Pay attention to abnormal sounds that come from the emissions and the engine. Check the condition of the pedals, dashboard, controls, or any other important feature. Also, check whether the transmission performs efficiently and whether the equipment is going to need extra costs when it comes to service.

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