This 10-Step Checklist is a Must for an Effective Email Marketing Campaign

This 10-Step Checklist is a Must for an Effective Email Marketing Campaign

Email marketing is not an obsolete strategy as some business leaders seem to think. In fact, statistics revealed by our research show that 77% users prefer receiving permission-based promotional messages through emails. 

Therefore, being a business owner, you can benefit tremendously by running impactful email campaigns. It is the best tactic for seeing widespread results while spending the least amount of money. The average ROI generated from email marketing is 3800%.  Which means that for spending every $1 you get a return of $38. It is an ideal tool to attract new consumers or sell to an existing customer base. 

Our experts at Write My Essay have formed a checklist of the best practices used in email marketing. They will guide you in creating the best campaigns to successfully grow and develop your business.

  • Build email lists

Start creating the list by using information of your existing consumers. It will only consist of individuals who are familiar with your brand and have shown interest in your products. Their trust rate will be higher this way leading to a more positive response when receiving promotional content.

The second and harder part of this strategy is customer acquisition. You will need to create a list of entirely new consumers you aim to reach. You must take care of the following few aspects:

  • Instill value in your products and services
  • Have an easy subscription or sign-up process
  • A call-to-action which is truly appealing to potential customers

Keeping the process easy and simple will encourage new customers to take the incentives. 

  • Subject lines
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Subject lines act as glimpses of your products or services. You need to maintain a fine balance when creating them. Avoid turning them into clickbait yet invoke enough curiosity to trigger customer engagement. Your open rate will suffer drastically if people are able to detect your subject lines as click-bait. Also keep track of your click-through and open rates, as they display the success level of your subject lines.

  • Language and lingo

Apart from your clients, email spam filters can also detect promotional email. To avoid falling into the spam category the language in your email must be tweaked. Use casual sentences which are easily comprehensible to your audience. If the terms are too technical or complex, then your consumers are likely to lose interest before too long.

  • Keep it brief

Most of us do not like reading emails, so keep your message concise when marketing via this platform. The saying “less is more” applies particularly well in this case. Promotional emails better be kept within 200 or less words with a maximum of twenty lines. Also keep them mobile optimized as what seems briefer on a desktop can appear much lengthier on small devices.

  • Work on your call-to-action

There can be several objectives working behind your call-to action. They can encompass anything from simple subscription opportunities to value-added approaches. Closely analyze your target market and select a call-to-action on what is considered valuable to your audience. Mobile-friendly content should also be integrated here as most client’s access emails through their smart phones. Most business plan writers use this tactic to increase conversion rate since a call-to-action makes it much more immersive and easy..

  • Adding images
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Images are incredible visually appealing tools and instantly capture the attention of the audience. However, the rules applied in textual content is followed here as well. It is wiser not to cram your promotional emails with a ton of images. Use a few well-chosen relevant pictures that convey your message loud and clear. According to research, people will remember 65% visuals and 10% textual content after three days of viewing an advertisement. Therefore, it is easy to do the math and realize how effective images can be. But follow a guideline of 60/40 text-to-image ratio for balancing out your content. 

  • Personalization

Personalized marketing can do wonders.  About 75% of potential customers prefer doing business with brands that address them by name. It is also most convenient if a business is aware of their purchase history and makes recommendations based on it. These facts are major indicators of the extent personalized promotions can impact your target market.

  • Quantity and frequency

Sending a bulk of emails to client will result in your content being marked as spam. Your best option is to send them in smaller amounts and not too frequently. Also ensure the content is relevant and caters to their preference. You can form a schedule of sending three promotional emails per week if upselling a product. A single email every week is enough if the campaign is for customer acquisition.

  • Avoid spam-able content

If your emails constantly end up as spam, then refrain from the following:

  • Using a large quantity of colored text.
  • Peppering it with too many capitalized words.
  • A lot of exclamation points also trigger spam filters.
  • Usage of attachments instead of links.
  • Maintain SPF and DKIM records to improve your domain’s email delivery and lessen chances of being spammed.
  •  Performance tracking is essential
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Data analysis is key to determine the success of marketing campaigns. Evaluating open-rate displays the effectiveness of subject lines while click-to-open rate reflects the impact of content. Track both to assess whether your campaign is taking the right course or a new strategy is needed.

By following these ten steps you can create a campaign that fulfils your business objectives. Check off each of these tips as your progress through them and end up with outstanding outcomes. This way your time and effort will solely be focused on a strategy which will reap beneficial results.  

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