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Things You Would Wish to Expect to Come For A CS Download

Many people have recognized Counter Strike’s presence in the First-Person Shooting (FPS) world. Hence, anything can happen when you download any of its versions. As with other games, patch updates and bug fixes are two things you would expect in a CS download. Yet, there are more specific things that can happen when you download any CS games.

Expect these things to happen (or pop out) when a CS download is on the way:

1. More epic visual design elements

Here, we are not only talking about the Counter-Terrorists and the Terrorists. Nor that we only limit our visual design discussions to the NPCs or any other supporting in-game characters.

Instead, a CS download typically includes other epic in-game visual elements. For example, the Basalt map in the most recent CS:GO updates gets less savage since the wounded visual designs are nearly nullified.

The Guestbook is yet another visual element that gets some tweaks in the most recent CS:GO update. Not only that it saves more users’ data, but it also has more pleasing aesthetics compared to the Guestbook in previous versions.

2. Additional Maps

What is Counter Strike if there are no attractive and complex maps? We have known the legendary Arab Street and Aztec maps since some of the earliest CS versions.

Now, CS:GO and CS 1.6 become two CS versions that people often play. Right now, there are more than 20 map choices with diverse background music and sound effects in these two CS series. 

For example, maps for the Hostage Rescue and the Deathmatch mode in CS 1.6 will have different settings because each gaming mode serves for different purposes and goals. Even maps in the same mode will have different paths and settings that get major updates every now and then.

3. Updates on grenades

Even though all CS versions emphasize on guns and other long-ranged bullet weapons, CS is not Counter Strike if it doesn’t include the evergreen grenade weapons.

These agile weapons are not only resulting in damages for the enemies. Some grenade variations have decent escape abilities against the enemies. Smoke Grenades are among those grenade types. There are times Smoke Grenades become mandatory weapons in players’ inventory when you change your playing regions.

So, your CS download will also include updates on the grenades’ capabilities. While sometimes the updates can include increasing numbers of grenade types, it is the grenades’ abilities that count into players’ satisfaction when playing the games.

Another thing you should expect in a CS download is that the updates vary according to the players’ regions. For example, South Korean players will have different patch updates and bug fixes compared to players in other regions like the United States.


At the same time, you cannot change regions on your whim just for the sake of getting certain weapons, characters, or any kinds of updates not available in your country. Nor that you should use VPN or any forms of anonymizers. Not only that these tools are forbidden, but can also slow down connections while you do the CS download or play any of the in-game stages.

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