Things to Before Selling Your Android Smartphone

Things to Before Selling Your Android Smartphone

It is easy to say: now I am selling my old Android smartphone. In reality, there are a number of actions to take before putting the phone on sale. Mostly necessary to protect our privacy and to provide the new owner with a device with no trace of our previous use.

Let us start with a trivial operation. Before selling your Android smartphone, remember to remove both the SIM card and the microSD card. The SIM, even if we no longer use it, will always be associated with us through a number. Maybe there is no credit inside and the new owner will not be able to make calls but will always be able to receive calls reserved for us. And if it were an attacker, it could also pretend to be us. The speech for the removal of the microSD instead is a bit more complex. This is where the most important information about us is stored.

Things to Before Selling Your Android Smartphone


From photos to videos, passing through application data and messages. The microSD cards contain too much confidential information to sell them with your smartphone. Furthermore, before removing them, we try to save all multimedia contents and documents that we have never inserted into the microSD. In such a way as not to leave any information on the phone.


How do I save all my data before selling my Android smartphone? Simple, I make a backup. Saving this information can be done both in the cloud (recommended to quickly retrieve all our data) and on a PC or external hard drive. If we make a backup on the Google cloud as soon as we log in to our Mountain View account on another device, we will be able to recover all data in a few minutes. The Photo Stick is one of the USB photo backup device. I guess this is the right you can get the most out of it when you need to store your old photos in a safe place.

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Remove the smartphone lock

Often users for greater security add screen lock techniques. From simple sequence to passwords. Or biometrics on newer Android devices. Before selling a phone, remember to disable the screen lock: otherwise, the new owner will never be able to access the device.

Factory data reset

Once we have recovered all our data via backup and SD card, we are ready to permanently clean the smartphone by performing a factory data reset. The procedure for doing this varies from Android smartphone to Android smartphone. Almost always to do this, however, you have to go to Settings, then to Advanced Settings and then to Backup and Restore. On this page we will find the item “Factory data reset” which is the function that interests us. Click on it and that is it.

Making the data unrecoverable

Resetting the smartphone alone does not ensure the definitive deletion of data previously saved in memory, which works similarly to that of a computer hard disk.

When we delete data from a hard disk usually, they are not permanently deleted but only moved to a sector of the disk that can be overwritten, similarly, the same thing happens on the smartphone.

So, it is important to be careful before selling a smartphone and to act so that the data is truly irrecoverable. For Android you can use the iShredder application, it is a highly effective free solution that erases and overwrites the device’s memory using military-grade security algorithms, which means that it will be impossible to access the information on the device before formatting.

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