The smart home needs to be connected. Here are the cheapest internet offers

Amazon Alexa has arrived in Italy, it promises us to make our home smarter. Well, but without good quality internet what smart home is it? Hence the optimal answer to this question (rhetoric) requires some preparation. We need to identify the best offer to navigate well from our home, bearing in mind that the choice can also change depending on the area.

The smart home needs to be connected. Here are the cheapest internet offers

Technologies for a “smart home” network

Yes, because there is home and home. In Italy, about 60-80 percent of people are covered by ultra-broadband from 30 Megabit upwards (the range changes depending on whether the source is Agcom or the telephone operators, respectively). The remainder to surf “well” can opt for ADSL (which, however, sometimes in less fortunate areas suffers from serious problems of speed or reliability), fixed wireless access or mobile network. 

The latter choice is also increasingly interesting for those who want to surf a lot and well from home, since after the entry of Iliad the GB packages included in the offers have grown and prices have fallen. However, we must make sure that the mobile connection covers our home well. In fact, quality and flat traffic (or almost) are the two requirements for having an internet connection worthy of a “smart” home.

Of course, the ideal would be an ultra-broadband fiber optic in homes, but at the moment only 10-15 percent of Italians are lucky enough to be covered by this technology. And who is, do not miss the opportunity: take the operator’s fiber that covers it right into the apartment. Top quality and reliability of the connection are guaranteed. And the prices of optical fiber in homes are broadly the same as we would have with lower-level ultra-broadband connections.Visit; Offerte Internet casa.

The first step is therefore to go to the websites of the main operators, proceed with the request for an offer and thus find out with which technology it covers us (from the optical fiber in the houses down). Obviously we prefer those who can serve us best.

The other factor to consider is the price, taking into account that an internet connection alone (no phone calls included) may be enough for a smart home.

Price which however tends to vary depending on the period: if possible, we adhere to some promotional offers of limited duration. Those who subscribe online usually have an advantage over those who go to the operator’s stores.


In fact, the cheapest TIM offer of the moment, Tim Connect, is in limited edition: € 19.90 per month for one year (afterwards, € 24.90), plus € 6.90 per month for 48 months for the mandatory technical intervention. The speed is 1 Gigabit for a year (afterwards, to keep it, we have to pay another 5 euros per month or we go down to 30 Megabits); included we have TimVision (streaming movies and TV series). There is a 24 month contractual obligation.

After the “limited” promotion, the Connect offer costs a little more (26.90 euros its official price, net of discounts that have always been there even if of different amounts); but it remains available and the cheapest for this operator.

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