The Cost of Developing an Uber App: A Budgetary Analysis [2022]

People do not hail for taxis anymore because the rise in technology has brought an introduction to the world of uber. It has become a lifeblood for people living in the large cosmopolitan cities having difficulties like busy traffic and less parking space to face. 

Furthermore, it is the ideal compromise between having a car and taking public transportation such as buses, trams, or the subway. Individuals are no longer under the pressure to stress about car EMIs, maintenance, or fuel prices, and there’s no need to wait for the next bus or subway train.

Uber has been the best way to travel to and from around the city further leading to their high demands. It is known that Uber serves more than 93 million active users annually worldwide. 

  Uber users split by gender in the US 
Gender  Percentage 
Males 52%
Females 48% 


                                        Uber users in the US split by age 
Age of the users  In percentage
16 to 24 37%
25 to 34 28%
35 to 44 17%
45 to 54  12%
55 to 64 6%

This has somewhat made entrepreneurs think about if it was possible to make an application similar to Uber and what the total cost has been creating the existing one. 

How does Uber or any other Online Taxi/ Cab Booking app work? 

Those who want to build an Uber-like application must know first what the application is capable of. Here are the few General app performances listed below that you need to check out. 

  • Requesting – first, the customer uses the app to request a car as per their scheduled time, while the nearby taxi/cab-drivers picks-up the request as per their convenience.
  • Matching – The driver has the option of accepting or declining the transport request made by the customer. In case, If they refuse, the request is forwarded to another driver.
  • Ride – the customer can track the taxi’s progress and get an estimate of when it will arrive at the preferred location. 
  • Payment – The process is made easier for both parties by the cashless payment method and the price estimation. This is one of the important aspects that one must keep in mind while creating an application similar to Uber. 
  • Rating – It’s a crucial part of Uber’s business logic that improves service reliability.


How much time does it take to create an Uber app?

Entrepreneurs in the for-hire transportation industry are quite similar. Despite the fact that they use different technologies to differentiate themselves in the market, there are a few essential features and activities which are commonly used to make a simple taxi app development solution for iOS and Android devices. 

These include native development, UX / UI design, backend development, web development, testing, and quality assurance. Each of the features takes its own time to complete which could be time-consuming. 

However, summing them all up, the average time that an app development company in the USA like AP- GROUP would take to complete the process is expected to be around 1000 to 2000 hours. 

Time required to create an Uber app for android or iOS devices as per a few features 
Features  Hours 
Wireframes and mockups ( UI and UX )  100 to 200
Registration  40 to 80
Geolocation  40 to 120
Payments  25 to 150
Use of location data  80 to 100
Ride cost estimation 40 to 50
Push notifications  80 to 120
Sync across devices  70 to 200
Review and ratings  50 to 150
Rides history  80 to 100
Book ride for others 200 to 250
Split fare 120 to 150
Testing and QA  160 to 300
Total hours  1000 to 2000


How much would it cost to develop an Uber application?

Starting with a software white-label, a startup with little or no experience is likely to obtain the best of the deal. The white label being the most basic version that one can get, the cost can be expected to reach up to $10,000. Users of a program may find that their demands are met even with this basic version.

Nonetheless, it is an unavoidable fact that the corporation will wish to expand its capabilities in the future. This will result in an increasing urge to spend on new features development and software technical support. The client should be prepared to spend around $25 to $30 thousand at this point in time. 

However, this is not the most expensive option available. The entire cost might reach as much as $115,000. This entire cost could vary depending on the type of app development company in the USA that you have hired, timescales, the number of deliverables, resource application, features, project complexity, and so on. Apart from this, if you want to hire a freelancer, then their cost might range anywhere from $10 to $250 hourly. 

Who should develop an application similar to Uber? 

For anyone who is willing to invest their time, money, and other resources into a business idea, it is important to make sure that it is worth it. The business idea should have the potential to build and expand for years to come. So the question that remains constant is if: who should really create an application similar to Uber? 

The short answer to this would be, people who already have a functioning taxi network, and want to digitize it to reach all of the customers preferring to book taxis online can choose this business idea. Apart from that, anyone who wants to acquire a taxi business or is in a partnership with existing taxi companies is also a perfect fit. 

Just make sure to invest in an app development company in the USA like AP-GROUP that is trusted and renowned. This would help to be around appropriate individuals who understand the business enough to run it.

Press the accelerator of your success!! 

Bottom line? The total cost of creating an Uber-like app with identical features would cost around $60,000 at a rate of $55 per hour. However, it may vary depending on different factors alongside the personal preferences of the client. 

So, If you wish to be a unicorn and create an Uber -application for the customers, then the next thing you can do is finalize your approach and choose the right app development company in the USA like AP-GROUP. They have been honored for their award-winning journey in the app development field and prioritize the client’s needs over everything else.

      Factors to look into while choosing an app development company in the USA 
1 Client benefit
2 Online reputation 
4 On-time delivery 
5 Experience 


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