The better you know your body features and the purpose of wearing a hat, the easier is the selection

The better you know your body features and the purpose of wearing a hat, the easier is the selection

If you look at the history of fashion, one aspect that should not escape your attention is that, like history, fashion repeats itself. Fashions come and go, but fashion that seems new today is not always something wholly new but existed earlier.  The latest example is the comeback staged by top hats, which are again finding favor in the fashion circles. The comeback is special because today, womens top hat is more popular, although initially, it was a hat exclusively for men. The top hats women are now wearing have a remote resemblance to the original design yet look very stylish. The only sign of the originality is in the curved brim that hints at the origin of top hats.

Awareness about your body features

All top hat designs and styles are not the same, and the better you know about which style and hat materials should ease the selection process. Consider the shape of your face and your body frame that significantly influences the selection, especially in picking the right size of the hat. Choosing the wrong hat size, either too big or too small, will make you look out of sorts and affect your self-esteem. No one wants to look funny when they go out, and having a good understanding of your body and appearance should ensure that you never make a mistake in hat selection. The hat should bring out the best in you, provided it’s the right one.

The utility of hats is as high as its fashion quotient, and there is hardly any other fashion accessory as functional as the hat. Whether you need to protect yourself in the cold season or walk out in the sun without concern about sun exposure, the hat is always there to protect you. But, you must select the right hat to get the most from it.

Focus on the style first

Choosing a hat might be a daunting task by sifting through a wide range of styles. Since hats are highly versatile both in style and functionality, it should not be a problem to choose a hat for the occasion you have in mind, provided you are aware of the factors that influence selection. First, determine the purpose of wearing the hat – whether you want it to increase your fashion quotient or need it to protect you from the sunshine when you are on vacation with your family or traveling. 

The purpose is most important because hats for daily use have a completely different style from those worn for special occasions like the Kentucky Derby or the Royal Ascot races. Hats help to express your social status, and you must know what you want to achieve from it so that you get the correct type of hat. Also, consider any seasonal requirements because hats worn in winter will be completely different from those worn in summer, both in style and materials. The better you know your need for hats, the easier the selection will be.

Balance style and functionality – know your options

No matter which type of hat you choose, keep an eye on balancing the style with function. Women are comfortable in large soft floppy hats that offer excellent sun protection and enhances the stylish appeal. They are equally comfortable with the Cloche hat with a slanting brim and round curved crown that looks stunningly fashionable. 

There is nothing better than the fedora hats easily identifiable from the tear-shaped crown and the creases on the sides and along the center to look elegant and express class. It is an achievement for the headgear to have morphed into a unisex headgear because the hat that made women proud about 150 years ago is an item of pride for today’s men too. 

A trilby is an option for those who look for a substitute for fedora. Trilby hats have a short brim upturned at the back and a curved crown that gives it a unique look and sets it apart from the fedora. 

The Panama hat is the king among sun hats because of its excessive shade due to its extra-wide brim. Travelers to tropical countries and beach lovers love to soak in the warmth of sunshine without any exposure to the harmful UV rays, which only the lightweight straw Panama hat can assure. 

Maintain the right proportion

The hat should be of the appropriate size that balances well with your physique. Knowing the style factors that accentuate the body features of downplaying it should help get the hat that seems just for you.  To create an illusion of taller looks, choose a hat with an upturned crown, and to create a concise and compact look, choose a hat with a wide and upturned brim.

Your face shape is also a factor in matching the hat with your overall appearance.  

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