The Benefits of Having Custom Branded Virtual Background For Employees

With the rise of remote work, there has been a lot of talk about how to maintain company culture. People are separated, working in their own environments and missing out on connections that used to be standard in the workplace. A simple yet effective way to unify staff and regulate company culture is by using custom branded virtual backgrounds.

Fostering A Culture of Inclusivity

An immediate benefit of getting a virtual background with logo for your workers is making everyone feel included. It’s easier to feel like you are part of a team when you log onto a meeting and everyone has the same background.

This can also reduce worries about your work environment. Some people aren’t able to set up a dedicated home office. They may be using a den or bedroom to get work done. The virtual background hides this so it isn’t an issue.

Branded backgrounds are also a good idea if you have some workers in the office and some at home. Everyone can feel more included in the team when they all use the same background. You could even recreate a meeting space or conference room from the office for the background to give your remote staff even more of a feeling of being included.

Instilling a Sense Of Trust With Clients

Your custom background can be used for more than just staff meetings. It’s a good idea to have backgrounds created for your team to use when they talk to clients. This gives them a way to present themselves in a professional way with no distractions for the client. You may want to make it a standard requirement for handling interactions with outside parties.

Not all clients will use the same meeting software as you, so get backgrounds that work with different platforms. Find out how to make a custom Google Meet background and get started standardizing the look of meetings throughout the company.

A branded background could also be customized for a team lead or account manager to include important contact or project information. Your background could become a resource for your client and improve your connection with them.

Guiding Your Team Through Tasks

Using custom backgrounds during your virtual events can also help guide the conversations and workflow of the meeting. For instance, you can use a specific background for training sessions and another for discussions. Different colors or designs can encourage focus and creativity, so try a few of the best Teams virtual backgrounds and see which are right for each setting.

The backgrounds could be used to help assign teams during group work as well. Send different colors to different people so everyone can see who they are working with. This also helps everyone know who to reach out to if each group has a different task or responsibility.

Adjusting to the world of remote work is an ongoing process, but it can be easy to make sure your team is united as you move forward. Get custom virtual backgrounds and start rethinking the way you work.

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