What are the very basic things which the organisations need to know about the technology adoption curve?

Whenever organisations are interested to transform how they are already working that they need to start by learning how to identify. Motivate the employees from every category in the whole process. The technology adoption curve is considered to be the bell-shaped curve that will be the perfect model in terms of describing how people are reacting, adopting and accepting the technology as well as innovative changes in the whole industry. This particular curve can be perfectly divided into five major stages which are explained as follows:


These will be 2.5% of the total people. Will be the ones who will be very much willing to take the risks in the industry. These are the people who will be very much capable of loving the latest available changes in the industry. And highly encouraging each other to adopt or try the new tools and models.

Adopters from this particular part of technology will go. The best possible manner because all the innovators are concerned about the future in terms of failure. They are highly interested to give the technology a proper shot. So that everything can be perfectly implemented in the whole process.

2.Early adopters:

These will be 13.5% of the total population and will be the trendsetters who will be very much comfortable in terms of taking the risk and will be having a very solid opinion towards the latest technologically advanced changes in the whole industry.

These people will be the ones who will be loving the new technologies and will be very much quick in terms of signing up for the new social media sites. Experiment with the new projects. They are very much comfortable with these things and are further very much capable of recommending everybody to adapt and try new things in the whole industry. They are very much supportive in terms of supporting the technological changes in the whole industry.

3.Early majority: 

These will be 34% of the total population and will be highly interested in terms of technology but they also believe in the proof of the effectiveness of the whole process. These will be the ones who will be checking out the product reviews before making the purchase and will be quietly testing out the tools before committing anything to anyone. Case studies and real-life user stories are very much important to such people and they will be having a very pragmatic approach to the whole process.

Hence, with the help of all these kinds of people, they will always want evidence of what is the technology can perfectly accomplish so that they are highly motivated to indulge in all these kinds of purchasing situations. It is very much advisable for people to indulge in data-driven arguments with such people so that organisations are highly capable of fulfilling their overall purposes very easily.

4.Late maturity:

These are 34% of the total population and are very much capable of dealing with things very efficiently. These will be very much convincing people in the adopter category. Will also be perfectly required to research and solid proof that technology is always worth their time. Such people are not interested to take risks and are very much capable of questioning the need for changes.

These cannot be easily persuaded by the trends. Will be the ones who will be getting involved in the things. All the people who are hitting the snooze button on the updates. Software are categorised into this particular category very well. They will always wait for their mates to react to the updates. So that they can decide what to do in future.


These will be the 16% of the total population add or far away from the technology. They will be the most stubborn users who will be easily frustrated by new technology. Will be quickly giving it up to others. They are never interested in that particular tool which can immediately make their life easier. These are the ones who have got familiar with the tools after a huge investment of time. Commitment which is the main reason that they are very much stable now.

 Hence, being clear about the trends and categories associated with the technology adoption curve is very much vital for organisations to make accurate decisions at every step.

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