Team Building At Work? Five Minute Activities That Can Help

Let’s begin by analyzing a situation! Look around in your office. Is the mood serious? Do you see everyone intensely focused on their task – heads down, handling papers, or fingers flying on the keyboard? Are there any smiling faces or conversations? If the answer to this is no, it is an alarming sign! Of course, it needs to be addressed as soon as possible. An office should be a place where people should love to work and not despair. You might be wondering how that can happen, isn’t it? It is not that tough after all! Envision your team laughing, smiling, and connecting. Well, it is possible if you engage them in activities that enhance the team performance with less boredom.

Here are some fun-filled ideas that can help reenergize the mood of employees. Are you concerned about the time it will take? Don’t worry – it is not more than five minutes. 

Stretching Out:

What do you do when your body feels exhausted sitting on the chair for hours? The first act is always stretching. Stretching properly can have positive effects on your body. So, why not incorporate them in your office routine too? A five-minute stretch before starting the day with all employees is a perfect idea to build a powerful team and will enable concentration throughout the day.

Effective Storytime:

Imagine the school days where our teacher told us stories, and we went off day-dreaming. How wonderful were those days! Let’s bring it back to our work-life by allotting some time to storytelling. Each team member can tell a five-minute story every day. By this, their bonds will strengthen, and everyone will have the confidence to talk to each other.

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Secret Recipe:

Are you wondering about the link between food and office? Yes, there is a link! Cooking is a therapy for many people who love trying different recipes. Don’t worry; we won’t ask you to cook at the office, but there is always room to share different recipes with your team. For instance, if someone is good at making pasta, they can share their secrets with colleagues.

Pep Talks:

Pep talks are helpful as they boost confidence and enthusiasm. Someone who can deliver a motivational speech and teach ways to deal with stress is a perfect idea. Well, that cannot be done in five minutes. But many team-building consultants offer such small videos that members can watch and practice during their break. Odyssey teams’ Corporate team building activities contain pep talks that are efficient enough to help employees deal with stress. Their words will initiate a conversation within your group and enhance their bonding. Their expertise in this will promise you a healthy environment at the workplace.

Office Decorating:

Sprucing the place you work in is a fabulous team-building activity that will engage people and transform the workplace into an interesting one. Who doesn’t like to work in a welcoming place! Some five-minute work involves adding fresh flowers, making wall hangings, writing motivational quotes on post-its or whiteboards, and so on.

Praise Time:

Employee recognition is crucial for the environment to be productive. As a boss, why not spend a few minutes appreciating the employees for their work? A team builder can be as motivational as a speaker. Also, this can be done by taking all members together and then talking about each others’ strengths; praising each other ensures companionship! 

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Five-minute team-building activities are simple to conduct. By using them, you can engage and prepare your colleagues well for upcoming projects. Did you see the benefits? So, what are you waiting for? Just create a friendly vibe and get your colleagues or team used to these stress busters. 

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