Take Your Pick: 4 Types Of Wrist Watches

Take Your Pick: 4 Types Of Wrist Watches 

People have their preferences for whatever they choose to wear. Choices vary, so do accessories. A wristwatch is a standard accessory found in a man’s closet or wardrobe for its multi-purpose functions. They can be time-keeping devices and be something that gives one a good appearance. They serve their purpose very well. They can be worn by people from all walks of life and professions.

Elites can wear them in society and the heads of governments. Since they serve their functions, some are worn to show class for their luxury. Some are worn for purposes of research. There are watches that sportsmen and women wear. Below are four types of wristwatches according to use.

Take Your Pick: 4 Types Of Wrist Watches

  • Luxury Watches

These are watches people use to show wealth, class, and affluence subtly. An Oris wristwatch is a good example of a luxury watch that can be worn on any occasion. Even with its growing demand, they take nine months to make some of their best watches. Imagine wearing a watch that its makers take enough time to produce. It will be nothing other than a valuable timepiece.

They have an excellent historical or archive system. Most of their collectors or buyers who use it are archived or saved in their database. Reputable members of society, leaders, and people in government, including celebrities, have their names archived as owners of this watch brand. The production takes months, and the level of craftsmanship is high.

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These watches features make it a reliable brand and one that watch collectors all over the world love. It costs a reasonable amount of money and can also serve as an investment piece to be resold. It is built with the best materials and can withstand impact when used by sportsmen or outdoors exposed to extreme conditions. They have an utmost quest and niche for getting a work near perfect and continually improving on everything they put out in the watch market. Luxury wristwatches are always associated with this watch brand. They are the finest of them all. Omega watches are another great sports watch. Actors, actresses, and celebrities have endorsed this brand over the years.

They have also supported different projects like sports events.  Their creation and use of materials give it longevity and horological appeal. Their innovation of styles and patterns has added more value and made it a consistent brand over the years and durable. As the name implies, luxury watches are usually expensive and cost a relatively large sum of money to purchase. There are different grades of luxury wristwatches, and some may be more expensive than others.

  • Smart Watches

These are watches that have unique functions and serve unique purposes. They are usually connected to smartphones and often inform the user of incoming calls and notifications. Users of these smartwatches are blessed to have some pedometer features which help them track their health.

With these smartwatches, you can listen to music and watch movies. Some of the examples of smartwatches are the Apple watch series 6, Samsung Galaxy watches Active. It has a 430 mAh battery that can last up to six hours. They can be used to stream music too. Many brands that produce automatic watches also produce smartwatches. Most top smartphone brands also have smartwatches that can be connected to their cell phone using Bluetooth.

  • Field Watch

They are military-style watches that were made to be used by soldiers during world war 1. Before they were put into use, pocket watches were mainly used. They have improved on their features and qualities despite them initially serving as only time-telling devices. Its band is leather with a stainless steel case. The US Navy seals wear a Casio G- shock DW-6600.   It can give users a 7-year battery life which is superb. When you find yourselves in the dark, be rest assured that it has a LED light. On the quartz crystal watches, they were among its pioneers. During sporting seasons, military drills, and events, its G-shock watches became a mainstay among users due to their reliability and durability.

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Hollywood stars like Keanu Reeves wore it in the 90’s action film, speed. In 1991, it became the first watch to move into the smartwatch category and market. It is undoubtedly the best outdoor digital watch. Field watches are very durable, reliable, and good for the wrist. They are nicer when worn with denim jeans and sneakers.

  •  Pilot Watches

Pilot watches were produced because of the inability of pilots to use the regular kind of watches in the olden days. This has become a kind of watch that gentlemen can have or add to their watch collection not just for their aviation-inspired design but for their outstanding qualities and features. The watch was initially made and designed for pilots and their crews but has become something people have loved over time for its designs and high function. Pilot watches have specific features like a luminous dial and Arabic numerals.

Altitudinal changes do not affect them.  Even though pilots mainly use it, they have helped people make Gent and classic statements. They are now becoming a timepiece mainstay around people who admire or want good wristwatches. A Breguet type 20 is an example of a pilot watch.


All watches have places or occasions where they fit in uniquely. There are watches for high-end events, sports, and even military combat. Some of their most impressive features lie in the properties of their enviable materials. Some people can wear different wristwatches. Meanwhile, some wear only one type of watch.

If you are a collector, you can buy different types of watches from different categories. Different factors should be considered before buying a wristwatch. Materials are an integral part of their watches’ design and must be considered before purchasing a wristwatch. They must complement their design which can weather all rigors of the environment. As such, the Manufacturers have chosen to use quality materials in making them. Although these are the four types of wristwatches according to use, there are other categories of wristwatches.

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