TAG Heuer is Maintaining its Excellent Reputation With Their Watch Collections

Tag Heuer watches of La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland have been continuously making a reputation in the world of luxury watch brands.

They have a legacy of 150 years in innovating and groundbreaking inventions. This brand of watch has higher levels of precision and performance, including chronographs and sports watches. This sets them above their counterparts. The TAG Heuer has been living its slogan, Swiss Avant-Garde from 1860 up to this day.

TAG Heuer is Maintaining its Excellent Reputation With Their Watch Collections

TAG Heuer Watches Swiss Avant-Garde

In 1960, the TAG Heuer Watch Company made its debut in 1860 by their Edouard Heuer. In just a short time, the company got distinguished because of their quality products and precise timepieces.

In the 1880s, because of the company’s technical innovations, they easily topped the market. This made them known as a specialist for sporting events.  

And during the 1920s, their sports timepieces took their name in Antwerp, Paris, and Amsterdam Olympics for the Olympians. Then, in 1933, Heuer introduced another instrument exclusive for automobiles and planes: the famous Autavia. This clock featured a timer function and could run eight days straight with no dilemma.

Autavia featured a tachymeter scale or a rotating bezel, marked in either hours, minutes, decimal minutes hands. All manual-wind Autavia from the 1960s had a black dial with white registers. Its early versions had a screw-back. The latter models feature snap-backs.

TAG Heuer Formula 1: Built-in Speed

Just like its name, TAG Heuer Formula 1 is known for its inspiration in speed. It is worn by Formula 1 champions. That is why it is famous in the driving industry.  

TAG Heuer’s recent version of their Formula 1 has left several buyers speechless and in awe. TAG Heuer enthusiasts had expressed their concern for the need for a much larger case, and to their surprise, Tag Heuer answered their prayers. Formula 1 has a diameter measuring 44mm in diameter with its unique shape. Formula 1 Calibre 16 Chronographs give a modern look and retro vibe as well.

TAG Heuer Formula 1 Quartz Chronograph Black Dial Men’s Watch is made of stainless steel and has a water resistance of 200 meters. Its on-spot finish is luminous and in a round shape.

The casual sports watch worn by Formula 1 users is embodied with a metal bracelet and a driver extension matching the sleeve of a racing suit. It is also shock-resistant and has passed over 60 quality tests, which makes it ready for any adventure you are up to. It is the only series with a colored TAG Heuer shield.

The Formula 1 also has a Lady collection that can be personalized with interchangeable straps. It is so chic that every lady can instantly change from being sporty to classic.

TAG Heuer Carrera : Iconic Chronographs

An Icon of mechanical sports watches came from TAG Heuer Carrere that is at large to enthusiasts. In 1963, the TAG Heuer Carrera was released. It was proudly designed with the supervision of Jack Heuer. This timepiece made TAG Heuer achieve a milestone, as it is one of the most known chronographs from a Swiss luxury watch manufacturer.

It feels sturdy and solid on the wrist. Its metal crown gives a sporty feel to the wearer. And its timeless and bold chronograph will never get out of style.

Jack Heuer’s creation is made slicker and thinner, clean and well proportioned for an elegant and sporty look. It’s a watch that has a silent aura, but when one notices it, eyes are captured forever. More so when it’s 80-hour power reserve is mentioned. 

The Tag Heuer Carrera collection is valued because it is also shock-resistant but waterproof, with other functional features. The Tag Heuer Carrera’s design was made with contemporary looks and avant-garde. Its size is 36mm made with steel and powered with Valjoux 72 manual winding movement.

TAG Heuer Golf Connected: Going for Gold

Tag Heuer Gold Collection is top valued by golfers. It has a weather notification which would make you check if you could go golfing with your friends. Apart from that, this watch enables you to see your future agenda at a glance. Making it a watch with a personal assistant feature of sorts.

This watch is a smartwatch that came from the home of legendary high-end watchmakers.

The TAG Heuer Connected watch offers personalization. It means the owner can customize the timepiece. You can download apps and try their different looks. 

You don’t golf using the same outfit every time. So this is the best match if you are looking for a sporty and convenient watch. 

The TAG Heuer golf app has great 3D maps of hundreds of courses. Their 3D rendering was made with more high technology as you are given the ability to zoom in and out for a much better view of the golf holes. 

Its dimension is quite impressive as the screen is large enough to see the hole renderings and the icons can be easily accessed. But this does not make the watch look bulky. Because of its features, the watch has a neat and comfortable size.

You can also record your shots while playing so that you could analyze your play after the game. Your shots would be color-coded for the scores. Having the data means having the right steps to make the next game. 


Tag Heuer is one of the well-known, oldest Swiss companies in the watchmaking industry. After many years of producing and supplying quality products, Tag Heuer achieved a well-deserved reputation.

Tag Heuer watches are an excellent form of investment. They also have their latest TAG Heuer Connected. It is packed with exceptional technologies ready and necessary for your everyday life. Plus, it is a touch screen.

Considering all the unique features offered by their produced timepieces, it is no wonder that they are well-known today. Made from stainless steel, Grade 2 titanium, ceramic, and steel carbide. They are indeed making timepieces with integrity.

You can download new, exclusive TAG Heuer watch dials thru TAG Heuer Connected App you can connect with Apple Health for iOS users and Starve. Your every performance is analyzed for your benefit.

Keep your heart rate on watch, achieve your daily calories and step goals. It can also analyze your activity with the help of this watch. Your money will never go to waste with Tag Heuer.

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