Surrogacy- the best practice to have a genetically healthy child

Surrogacy has gained the attention of many people. Not only that, but people approach such clinics that offer surrogacy services. One of those clinics is Feskov Reproductive clinic which has a great number of services available for the customers. You can choose any service as per your wish. Moreover, the price for each service is different. Moreover, feskov’s leihmutterschaft is the most reliable surrogacy service worldwide.

Feskov offers a flexible payment system for its customers. If you want to go for a cost-effective program, then there are plenty of them available at feskov’s reproductive clinic, along with the legalization process for your newborn.

Concept of surrogacy

The concept of surrogacy evolved in 1983 in Ukraine. The first baby born through surrogacy was in 1990. Ukraine became the first country where the surrogacy procedure was successfully implemented. Even more, surrogacy emerged quite fast, and due to this, many clinics were opened after one successful surrogacy process. A time came when Ukraine took part in international conferences and gained a lot of respect. Many countries got to know the concept of surrogacy. But the prices for the process abroad were quite high compared to those in Ukraine. If we talk about the average cost of a surrogate mother in the USA, it would be approximately $50,000. However, this cost does not include the medical bills, legalization fees, and other ongoing charges. In addition, if the surrogate goes through a cesarean section, the price would increase up to $100,000. It means that the prices for surrogacy in Ukraine are twice as low as those in the USA and other European countries.

Also, Ukraine is known for protecting the rights of the future parent from the possible claims of the surrogate mother. The best thing about getting the surrogacy procedure done in Ukraine is that the surrogate has to sign a waiver before the process so that it can be examined if she does not misperceive her role as a surrogate mother and claims the child as her own.

Not only are the prices low for surrogacy in Ukraine, but there are strict rules when it comes to choosing an ideal candidate for the role of a surrogate mother. The major requirements for the surrogate mother are as under:

  • She must have a previous experience delivering a healthy baby naturally
  • The surrogate must not consume drugs, alcohol, nicotine, or other harmful substances
  • The surrogate must be psychologically fit to play the role of a surrogate mother 

Even more, surrogate mothers in Ukraine are examined regularly so that there is no inconvenience later. However, if the surrogate is married, there must be written consent from her husband to participate in the surrogacy program.


Surrogacy lets many infertile become biological parents. Moreover, surrogacy is different in every country, and so does its price. Even the procedure varies from country to country. However, surrogacy was introduced in Ukraine, and the first successful surrogacy procedure was also carried out in Ukraine.

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