Registering A Domain

Steps To Follow For Registering A Domain

In this digital age of being online and searching or surfing the internet for entertainment or shopping, you get to go through so many sites and each of them is different from the other in its domain name. A domain name is generally the address being typed to reach a certain website.

Domain names are different from each other and hold a specific address to a certain website and the website can be of anything related to a business.

There are a series of steps to follow to register a domain name. Following are the steps to follow that help in registering to a domain name:

  1. Must Find A Domain Registrar

The first and foremost step in registering a domain name is to find a domain registrar. A domain registrar is an organization that helps anyone in getting the domain registered. It is not difficult to get your domain registered, because there are registrars like Bluehost and that deal in this process and have a certain set of terms and conditions that you have to agree upon. After all this, you can get the domain registered and move on to the next step.

  1. Choose A Domain Name And Look For Its Availability

The next step is to choose the name for your domain, usually, the name describes what the website is going to be about. Also, you have to search through the domain names to see if it is available or already in use. There are a huge number of domain names that get registered every day and sometimes it is impossible to keep what you had in mind. Not to worry clear your mind and come up with something interesting that is catchy and of course available.

  1. Select And Finalize The Chosen Domain Name

Once you are through the process of availability of a domain, you have to finalize the name that matches your brand or whatever you are selling online through a website. The name should reflect the business as it has a great impact on the customers searching for what you are providing. That’s an important step in your company creation and registration that you find on all business guides, also make sure to select a name that is unique to your business and not a copy of another website. So, it has to be the one where customers might think to click and decide to buy.

  1. Select A Domain Name Suffix like .com or .net

After the process of selecting a name is done, all you have to do is to select a suffix for the domain name. A suffix is what comes after the domain name like or etc. It is not a very difficult task to acquire a domain suffix as they are easily available. A .com domain suffix is most suitable for websites, but there are country codes as well which can be used as a suffix for the domain name. For instance .gov is used by official sites made for the government. There are domains specifically used for educational organizations such as .edu. The choice depends upon the availability of the domain suffix.

  1. Make A Purchase of The Domain

After everything is settled, all you have to do is to make a purchase and buy the domain to launch your business online. The purchased domain is not entirely your property, because you have to pay a year’s fee, at the end of every year. The fee is not so much and can be managed easily, once your business takes a flying start online.

  1. Choose A Domain ID Protection

The domain ID protection keeps the domain private and does not show important information like the contact information. Once your domain is protected it is time to find the hosting services that suit your business and become a game-changer.


In the end, it can be said that in order to register a domain, it is necessary to follow the above set of rules and launch your business online and make a presence. The step by step guide is helpful even for people who do not know of to register and buy a domain with ease.

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