Step-by-Step Guide on How to Play Online Casino Games

A lot of online casino sites have emerged in the past ten years. The reason is simple: online casinos are becoming people’s preferred choice over land-based casinos. And why not? The ease that comes with playing casino games online far outweighs the hassle of travelling downtown to visit the brick-and-mortar. Oh, availability too! Land-based casinos are not always open 24/7 but casino lovers can play their favourite games at any time of the day when they visit a casino website or log on to a casino app.

In this article, we will show you what you need to know about online casinos and how you can play to win. 

What You Need to Know

For beginners, online casino games may seem complex at first glance. But it’s absolutely not. You only need to know some important basics before starting out:

The element that is called ‘luck’

In your mind, you’re probably wondering whether or not there’s a sure way of winning casino games. Spoiler alert: there isn’t!

You can’t control the outcome of a casino game. There’s no mathematical trick to rolling a dice or flipping cards. With that being said, you need some element of luck to win.

The goal of playing casino games is not to win all the time. Nope! Your aim should be to maximise your wins and minimise your losses. When you win more than you lose, you win! And that’s basically how the casino works.

However, beyond earning some cool cash, there are many more things to benefit from playing online casino games. There’s the excitement that comes with anticipating a win and there’s that important life lesson no one loves to learn: failure is part of life. 

House edge? What does this mean?

It’s no longer news that winning comes with luck. But the story is different for casinos.

Casinos enjoy a house edge which is simply the money they make from every bet. Although casinos are not always guaranteed wins on each bet, the house edge ensures that they don’t lose at the end of the day.

Now, this is not to say that winning is beyond your reach. Winning is very possible only that the house has a higher chance of winning. Players don’t set the odds, casinos do! 

Is winning big a myth or reality?

You can win big from playing online casinos, but as we said earlier, casino games are unpredictable. Yes, the house has the upper edge but it cannot control the outcome of a casino game too. 

Playing a real money casino game is simply risking your money for a potential win. And while betting comes with risks, it also comes with the possibility of winning. The onus is on you to bet wisely.

You’ll hit the jackpot and experience what it’s like to win if it’s your lucky day. Casino games offer bonuses like free spins, additional rounds and other incentives to help increase your chances of winning.

The house usually profits in the long run while players can get the W at any given time.

Online Casinos vs. Brick-and-mortar: Which One Is Better?

It depends on your taste. Any casino lover can play games both online and on-ground. But considering the digital world we live in, it’s no secret that most gamblers prefer online casinos. Plus, if you asked anyone this question in 2020, you’d get only one answer.

It goes without saying that online casinos have many benefits over brick-and-mortar. Here are a few of them.

No stress, no struggles

Online casinos are easily accessible with a mobile device and an internet connection. Plus, you don’t need to travel or walk long distances to play the games you love. All it takes is the click of a few buttons at any location you seem comfortable and you’re good to go.

Rewards and Bonuses

When you sign up to credible casino sites for the first time, you get welcome and deposit bonuses which can help you get your footing, especially if you’re new to gambling online. The rewards are also mouthwatering.

Free Plays

The demo mode on online casinos is one of the best things that happened to beginner gamblers. Players can play free games and familiarise themselves before proceeding to earn real money. Plus, some demo casino games are as fun as playing their real money versions.

On-ground casinos don’t offer free plays.

Any time, any place

That’s a classic Janet Jackson song, by the way. 

Land-based casinos are not always open at any time of the day. And when they do open, you may have to wait your turn before playing. Online casinos however can be played at any time and immediately you gain access to the website.

Payment options

The mode of payment is usually limited when you play at the brick-and-mortar. But some online casino platforms offer a variety of payment options like cryptocurrencies and other e-payment methods.

Your Gameplay

Now that you’ve been oriented about online casino games, playing is next on your to-do list. For beginners, it can be quite worrisome to start playing as you don’t know what steps to take. We’ve got you covered! 

Follow these steps:

Making a choice: go for the best and safest online casino

Gambling online has its pros but it also has its risks. There are many scam casinos on the internet pretending to be legit so you’ve got to be careful. The last thing you want to do is divulge personal, sensitive information to cybercriminals. 

How do you know a real and safe casino from a faux one: by checking for gambling licences and security protocols. Please note that gambling licences should be from reputable licensing companies. 

The best casino sites have these details displayed on their website to show that they are legit. So, the absence of any of these should ring a bell.

Some scam sites also post fake licence information; make sure to check for the authenticity of this information. Do your research; check for customer reviews and see what people are saying about the casino. An online casino without customer reviews is also a red flag. Don’t go for it.

You also want to be sure about the payment options the casino accepts. Make sure you’re able to deposit or withdraw money without any problems. You sure don’t want to win big and not spend your money.

Secure deposits for a card, bank, e-wallet, or crypto payments is something to also look out for.

Sign up for an online casino

It’s so easy to register with an online casino. All you need to do is click on the sign-up button and provide all the required details, like your full name, username, email address, age, phone number, and sex. You’ll also be asked to create a password and may have to provide secret questions and answers in case you need to retrieve your account in future.

Submit all of these and do the necessary verifications to have your new account up and running.

Download the casino app (optional)

Most online casinos have apps that are suited for mobile phones. Customers who intend to play their favorite games anytime can download the app on their phone app store or click download links on the casino’s website.

Promo codes and welcome bonuses are for you. Use them!

Bonuses and promo codes are a casino’s gift to you, so don’t waste them. Rather, use them to increase your winning probability.

Bonuses generally depend on the type of games you’re playing. For example, blackjack games bonuses are not the same for other games like slots or roulette. Use all of these offerings to your advantage.

Deposit money into your account

Your account is set and ready which means making a deposit is the only remaining step to take. Choose your preferred payment method, and do your final checks before proceeding with the deposit.

You’re good to go soon as you successfully make your deposit.

It’s time to play: learn the rules

We always like to emphasise this: don’t play a casino game you know nothing about, at least for real money. If you’re new to the scene, take advantage of demo games and use them to learn the general rules. Also, find out about the terms and conditions for making withdrawals and wagering limits (if any). 

Not knowing the rules or sticking to them is one sure way of losing. 

Some Tips to Help You Along the Way

Just because there’s an element of luck to betting doesn’t mean you should be lackadaisical. You lose more money when you take the nonchalant approach. 

Real money casino games can be fun but don’t get carried away. Try as much as possible to keep your focus throughout the game. These are some tips that could help you win more often than not:

Choose the right games

Online casinos have a variety of games to offer you so it can be pretty much difficult to choose which game to play. But it can be as simple as it gets.

If you’re keen on enjoying your game, the best thing to do is select a game in any preferred category of choice; there are online slots, card games, dice games, and many more. You can then try out the demo mode of highly rated games in this category. You should find the right pick in no time.

Master the game you’ve selected

After selecting your preferred game, the next thing to do is find out everything about it. Usually, the casino provides enough information on its website about how to play the game, so ensure to read the instructions carefully. If you need any assistance or wish to ask questions, contact the casino’s support team before playing the game.

Ps: Don’t assume you know. Ask questions when you need to.

Mastering a game helps you to eliminate problems during game time. Also, getting to know all about the game can increase your odds of winning. 

Carve out a game strategy

A game of luck, yes, but being wise and creative can help you win online casino games. Strategies are not a sure way of winning but they guarantee higher winning odds. 

Each casino game has its own unique strategy; make your findings online and carve out a strategy for your game. 

Play smart, play safe

We know how juicy casino offers can be, but don’t be fooled; winning isn’t 100% guaranteed.

Play real money casino games responsibly; don’t borrow money to play, use your own money knowing that it’s a 50-50 chance of winning or losing. As much as you’re excited to win, also be prepared to lose.

Set up a budget before playing a casino game. How much can you lose without facing dire financial consequences? How long do you wish to play? Make these decisions before you play, and more importantly, stick with them.

People who get carried away by the prospects of winning often end up spending way above their budget. Limit yourself! 

Win/Loss? Have a positive attitude 

Now that you know that you can win or lose a game, maintaining a positive attitude after every session will be helpful. Casino games are meant to be enjoyable so don’t ruin the fun for yourself.

If you lose, know that you won’t always lose. So, don’t beat yourself down, and hope for a better outcome in the future; you win some, you lose some.


The online casino space is one that every gambler should be grateful for, and this article has provided enough guidance to see you through your casino journey. Enjoy the online experience.

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