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Social Media Monitoring Tools

Social media monitoring is a process of examining current conversations taking place online to build a perception of how the general public is feeling about an event, brand, or company. Connecting social media data to external data sets such as sales figures, search engine results, and sentiment analysis allows companies to capitalize on marketing and product development opportunities.

Social Media Monitoring Tools And The Different Features They Offer

1. NetBaseQuid

NetBaseQuid enables businesses to monitor online social conversations, get past influencers’ recommendations, and measure their brands’ image in real-time. It integrates with all the major social networks and offers real-time reports, trends, analysis, and benchmarking. It is a fully managed service that monitors over 20 million online conversations across the web and mobile platforms.

2. Crimson Hexagon

Crimson Hexagon has a fully integrated platform for social media monitoring and listening. More than 200 Fortune 500 companies use that. Its software employs an algorithm that extracts meaning from a vast amount of public information while monitoring private data sources like blogs, tweets, forums, videos, and web pages. It provides companies with a strategic analysis of their brands’ online reputation.

3. Sysomos

Sysomos collects data from thousands of social media platforms, including blogs, forums, and websites, to gather insights on the latest trends, sentiments, and buzz. Its Media Map enables you to track the conversations in real-time across multiple platforms along with the influencers that are responsible for these conversations. Sysomos also monitors more than 120,000 news websites and 140,000 active topics.

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4. CleverTap

CleverTap gathers data from the public Internet to provide clients with insights on the latest social media trends, news, and geolocation. It uses its proprietary technology known as Clevertap Insights, which can collect data from over 50 social media platforms at a time and make it available in an easily-digestible format on the platform’s dashboard. The reports are customized to suit each client’s needs and can be integrated into existing CRM systems.

5. is a provider of the monitoring and reputation management software that enables companies to monitor conversations to gauge brand reputation, including positive and negative comments about a brand on social media such as Facebook and Twitter. The software is widely used by Fortune 500 companies, government agencies, non-profits, and healthcare organizations.

6. Digimind

Digimind’s Social Optimization Platform allows brands to monitor conversations across all the major social networks by integrating public data from hundreds of sources like blogs, forums, wikis, and micro-blogs into one single repository so that companies can use comprehensive analytics of their online branding efforts.


CloudMonix is an application for social media monitoring and engagement, allowing marketers to monitor public conversations across social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Comments are monitored in real time and can be annotated with keyword tags to give businesses insights into the latest trends and target groups. The software enables companies to engage with potential customers through rich media feeds while also allowing them to manage their social media presence in one place.

8. Spredfast

Spredfast enables businesses to engage with their target audiences on social media by providing them with enterprise-level social media management tools. It offers real-time monitoring of all conversations, tracking of brand mentions, and the capability to respond to customers’ queries. Spredfast is integrated with more than 20 CRMs and is also available as a self-service platform.

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Social media monitoring generates large amounts of data, so it’s essential to have a social media monitoring platform that allows you to customize your dashboard to provide you with the most relevant information for your business’s needs.

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