SMS Delivery Is Boosted by Phone Number Validation

SMS Delivery Is Boosted by Phone Number Validation

If you use or intend to utilize SMS messaging to connect with your clients, you should integrate phone validation. You must not only ensure that your numbers are correct, but you must also be familiar with other identifiers.

Which of your customers’ phone numbers are landlines or VoIP numbers that cannot receive SMS messages? How many of the phone numbers in your database are on the DNC list? What is the phone number’s service provider?

A phone number validation tool can provide you with all of this information and more. In this post, we’ll explain how phone number validation works, how you can utilize it to enhance your SMS delivery, and in turn, how you can reinforce that channel of contact with your consumers.

Sending a text message is known as SMS delivery.

Text message delivery is the pace at which a message is sent to the recipient’s phone. A text message is a short messaging service or SMS. Unlike a text message, an SMS message may only include 160 characters of text and no images or videos.

Due to its 98% open rate, SMS marketing has become popular among businesses. Since SMS marketing campaigns offer such high levels of engagement, it’s no surprise that organizations are using them in addition to phone calls and emails.

To make SMS marketing work, you must have accurate information about your customers’ mobile phone numbers. Validating a phone number might be helpful.

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What is Phone Number Verification?

In a nutshell, phone number validation lets you type in a phone number to verify whether it’s active or not. If you have client phone numbers in your database that have been mistyped or are fraudulent, this is a useful tool to have.

Validation error messages may be used to avoid mistakes in your web forms, but you should also be on the lookout for clients who submit bogus numbers. In order to prevent telemarketing calls, to preserve their privacy, or because they are concerned about security, customers often give up false phone numbers.

In certain cases, people may enter temporary phone numbers that are later abandoned or altered. Run a list of numbers via phone number validation in order to determine if they are phony or inactive.

A DNC check is also available, as well as the line type (mobile, landline, or VoIP), the phone provider, and the status of the phone number. You may increase your SMS delivery with the aid of each of these tools:


Whether or not a phone number is currently in use may be determined by its status. The first thing you want to know is whether or not a phone number is reachable.

Using this method, you may also determine whether or not a phone number is legitimate. When a number contains too many or an inappropriate combination of digits (such as the erroneous country code), it is invalid.

Some of these numbers may be determined as invalid just by their appearance. Fake phone numbers are easy to spot when the prefix of the number entered has the suffix “555,” which is designated for the entertainment sector.

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Alternatively, you may phone it to check whether it can be reached. But the problem with that is wasting resources and perhaps dialing a number on the DNC list, which is not a good thing.

Check the DNC List

The DNC (Do Not Call) list may be accessed by consumers. Consumers will be protected from unsolicited sales calls as a result of this measure. To contact a phone number that has opted out of receiving sales calls is a breach of the TCPA laws.

When a phone number is needed in a web form submission, there is a strong likelihood that the contributions will be registered. All of the phone numbers in your database are not always safe to contact.

Phone number checking may discover numbers that should not be used for commercial reasons. Millions of dollars in penalties may be avoided by doing this.

Types of Lines

When preparing your marketing initiatives, it’s crucial to know the sort of line you’ll be using. In the case of an SMS campaign, for example, you do not want to spend resources delivering to landlines or VoIP numbers that will not be able to receive your messages.

Your client authentication procedure will benefit from the usage of the line type. In order to ensure that your clients are who they claim to be, you may verify their identity by texting them a one-time passcode or making a phone call to a landline.

The phone carrier

SMS marketing efforts may be improved by knowing the phone carrier of a phone number. Cell phone numbers are held by the phone service provider, not the individual user. Businesses that send large numbers of SMS messages benefit greatly from knowing the identity of the carrier to whom they are entrusting their messages.

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Since your company’s SMS campaigns are unlikely to be transmitted from your personal number, you’ll need a short code, toll-free number, or 10DLC number to communicate with your consumers. These communications must be routed via a software application that knows which cell service providers to utilize.

So, now that you know that phone number validation can supply all of that data, where do you begin? As far as I know, you have many possibilities.

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