Six Things You May Not Know About Hangovers

Pulsating headaches and feeling nauseated are some of the things we have come to expect when hungover. But there are layers beyond what we conceive a hangover to be. To understand it thoroughly, let’s examine the secrets of this millennia-old phenomenon…and find out how to cure a hangover

The background behind a hangover

There are many mistakes on the road to painful hangovers. Most of them are easily avoidable. It is as much about what we do before as what occurs while drinking. Managing these factors is vital. How to cure a hangover is about management.

To know how best to deal with it, we need to understand the why. Several elements are working against us in unison. For example, it´s easy to omit drinking water because of alcohol’s preoccupying effect which may cause us to forget to drink water. This, of course, leads to more dehydration, bringing us to our second point.

Alcohol itself causes the bladder tol exhume copious amounts of urine,  wasting the hydration resources you had. This causes an extraordinarily severe case of cottonmouth. Booze, in short, decimates our ability to hydrate. Dehydration is like cutting the fuel line to a car – it just can´t run. As a result, your morning recovery will be difficult to say the least.

The unusual facts you didn’t know

The fact is a hangover remedy already exists. Fluid replacement combined with aspirin is your best defense. Most people who investigate a hangover remedy will eventually arrive at this solution. 

Today, we know much more than we used to about hangover remedies. One strategy is to ingest vitamins and antioxidants. These will help in promoting a healthy gut. It´s also imperative to eat. Select foods with higher salt content. How to cure hangover nausea depends on your micronutrients. Science tells us these must be targeted. The best way to cure hangover nausea is to let your stomach recover at a slow pace. Most emergency hangover remedies contain some sort of antioxidant to deal with this.

So now that we are confident in our knowledge, What are we omitting?

1 Hangovers are more intricate than you thought

We know the amount of alcohol you consume determines a hangover. But were you aware that the type of alcohol also matters? This may come as a shock to whiskey drinkers but research shows darker liquors cause worse hangovers. The reason behind it is due to cytokines. Cytokines are a group of no-good bandit chemicals and typically a by-product of manufacturing. An exception to this is silver tequila. As we know it´s not dark! But the lovely beverage often enjoyed jovially in celebration also causes massive hangovers. Despite being a clear liquid, it contains loads of cytokines, and many find themselves needing liver support after a round of tequila. Also, any hangover remedy is made less effective by cykotines. So part of the question of how to cure a hangover fast comes down to managing the type of alcohol you consume in the first place.

2 Mixing it up will lead to trouble

The previously mentioned cytokines are not the only thing you need to avoid. Sugar is another mischievous rascal, and It works in tandem with dark spirits. Something in sugar activates the cytokines making them even more potent. Mixing drinks with sugar may make your next-day hangover even worse. If you had a lot of sugary alcoholic drinks, you may find yourself needing liver support.

3 Clear liquors cause less intense nausea

Another advantage of clear liquors is additives. They have way fewer than darker ones. Take vodka for example. After distillation, not much is added, so you are enjoying, in practicality, water and ethanol. This combination is terrible for the liver, but acceptable in terms of avoiding a hangover. The best hangover remedy works even better when the hangover is light.

4 Many hangover remedies are fake

Unfortunately, snake-oil sellers run amock. Magic pills, alluring you with assurances of instant hangover recovery may cause some to fall for the trap. No hangover remedy is instant. You require an exceptional hangover remedy that is true to its word. A hangover headache cure is never one magical pill but may involve a series of applications beginning the night before, while you’re drinking.

5 The morning after made worse by lack of sleep

The principal causality we feel the morning after the big party is sleep deprivation. Denying your body its siesta has its repercussions and further inhibits the body’s natural ability to process alcohol.  How to cure a hangover fast partially comes down to the amount of rest you get.

6 Dancing the night away can make your hangover worse

When we are intoxicated, we tend to expend energy. Excessive dancing and frivolous activities add up. This extra activity can cause your dehydration to be even worse and combined with the inevitably poor sleep you’ll get can make your next day hangover so much worse.

A mysterious topic, yet important

Recovering from a hangover is an ancient subject shrouded in conspiracy and mystery. We may never unlock all the secrets to the fastest hangover recovery strategy. But keep a few of these ideas in mind next time  you overindulge. 


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