Signs that the relationship is not going well

Dealing with a relationship that spans many years can be much more complicated than starting or ending one.

Attachment, getting closer to each other’s family, shared material possessions and the whole routine, all of this always makes us think carefully before ending a relationship that is not going well.

There is always that fear, that tendency to push the most important decisions forward, especially the most stressful ones, leaving aside everything that is really making this relationship no longer the same.

Any relationship has its own alert, which makes it necessary for the couple to reflect, have enough self-knowledge and maturity to face that things are no longer the same.

A relationship can simply fall into a rut or present issues that can shake and even interfere with the harmony of the relationship.

When a couple recognizes the conflicts and is able to identify the deepest problems, in addition to all the superficial ones, it is the ideal time to understand what is not going well in the relationship for each one of them, as well as what each one feels is happening. .

This is a moment that requires sincerity, respect and transparency. Attitudes that can maintain or cause the relationship to end once and for all, avoiding unnecessary trauma and suffering.

For this and other reasons, it is essential to know how to identify when a relationship is not going well and, above all, to know how to differentiate between what can be avoided and what is being a nuisance for both.

Look for signs that your relationship isn’t going well by identifying them using these tips below.

Signs that the relationship is not going well

  •  You no longer do programs as a couple, or plan for the future together

The divorce lawyer, Marco Jean de Oliveira Teixeira, says that the most frequent complaint of people who divorce is the lack of programs as a couple, or lack of planning for the future together.

The Individuality of a couple and each having their own space is totally common in any relationship. But, when there is no longer the interest or the idea of ​​going out together or even when the couple is no longer planning a future together, this is a huge sign that the relationship is not going well.

Planning a weekend for two or even a vacation as a couple, creating opportunities and encouraging coexistence is essential for any relationship to become happy and healthy.

  •  Discussions become part of the routine and often without reason

When the relationship does not go well, any day-to-day situation becomes a reason for irritation, rudeness and patience and respect are no longer part of the relationship.

When one no longer wants to be around each other, it becomes a classic sign that the relationship is not going well.

To avoid this type of situation, it is enough to be more patient, understand the other’s needs and give more space when necessary. In addition, it’s also important to avoid making decisions when you’re hot-headed.

  • Communication is not the same anymore

Not having a healthy communication with the partner, not sharing more things that were common all the time, or seeking to resolve conflicts is a great sign that the relationship is not going well.

Communication is the key to a good relationship.

For the relationship to work properly, always try to maintain communication, always asking and avoiding statements without first talking to your partner.

  • Kindness is no longer present in everyday life

A healthy relationship contains sympathy, affection and respect. Please your partner, plan a surprise dinner, sincere compliments and other everyday things scare away any type of problem the couple may be facing and make the relationship and coexistence more peaceful, bringing back all the love and partnership to the couple.

If you have identified with any of the situations mentioned above and still want to keep your relationship, try to make the necessary changes or look for couples therapy. All this help can be extremely indispensable in saving your relationship.

Remember, this might just be a bad time and keep this whole situation unhealthy. Always look for the best for you and your partner.

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