Should You Trade in Your Car or Sell It Privately?

A new car purchase is a thrilling experience. But if a car owner wants to get rid of their current vehicle first, they could wonder whether to sell it or trade it in.

No right or wrong choice exists—only the best one for you, as any seasoned automobile shopper will tell you. It’s not only a matter of money because there are numerous additional considerations, such as the difficulty of the duties or the amount of time required for each alternative. 

To choose the best option for your automobile needs, weigh the advantages and disadvantages and your financial objectives.

Should you sell your car on your own? 

You may set the selling price when you sell a used car privately, and you’ll frequently get more money than if your car were traded. You don’t have to work with a car dealer and can sell on your terms. A private sale used car is similar to a high school; you’ll need to put in some effort if you want the greatest outcome.

You must first advertise. You can post an advertisement online, hang a “For Sale” sign in the window, or list it in the local newspaper’s classified section. Make sure the car is immaculate and get any essential repairs made.

Private sale used car purchasers will inspect the car thoroughly, looking for flaws. They could also request documentation of the history and condition of the vehicle. This implies that you’ll have to present documentation of your vehicle’s history of servicing and maintenance, and most states have laws requiring you to present a roadworthy certificate. 


You may still recoup more of the car’s value by selling it privately, even after considering expenses like detailing and upkeep to get your automobile listing-ready.

Investigate a little on your own. Please find out the difference between the private-party value of your car and its trade-in value on sites like Edmunds and Kelley Blue Book. With data-based estimations for the make and model of your car.


If you decide to sell a used car to a private party, be ready for a lot of labor. You still need to go to your local department of motor vehicles to register the car in the buyer’s name after crossing off this list and finding a buyer.

Depending on your vehicle type and your local used-car market, finding a qualified buyer while selling privately can also take some time. You’ll probably need to have your automobile insured and registered. 

Therefore, include these expenses in your estimates. In the end, selling your automobile on your own might not be the best action if you need money immediately to purchase a new car or pay off the financing for your new vehicle.

Should you trade in your car? 

It is easier and more time-efficient to sell a used car to a dealer or trade it in to finance (or partially finance) the purchase of a new one than to sell it privately. You probably won’t earn as much money, though. You’ll probably get 10–20% less than market value because the dealership needs to turn a profit.

The good news is that when you sell or trade-in your vehicle to a dealer, you are not required to show a roadworthy certificate. 

Additionally, you may close the deal right away rather than waiting for a buyer, which is fantastic because, if you’re like most drivers, you probably want to get behind the wheel of your new automobile as soon as possible. 


The process is typically simpler when you car trade, which is the main advantage. Take your vehicle to one or more dealerships where you are considering buying a new vehicle and request a quote. When you’ve found an estimate you like, you may finalize the deal by submitting the necessary papers.

Bonus: The title transfer and registration of the vehicle are often handled by the car inventory dealership. They might even pay off your current debt, saving you from dealing with it. But before you sign on the dotted line, read the small print and understand the specifics. 


Since car dealerships are in the business of turning a profit, they might not offer you as much money for your car as they would if you sold it yourself. Dealer offers are often lower than the wholesale price of a car or what is stated in several respected sources of automotive value. 

Ultimately, there are two things you must consider before deciding whether to sell or car trade: How crucial is getting the best price possible for your used car selling? How much time and effort will you devote to marketing it? With this knowledge, you can select the choice that best suits your needs and drive your lovely new ride with assurance. 

Think about your needs and whether it would be better for you to trade in and save time and effort vs selling privately and potentially making more money. Recall that you influence the decision to sell your car.

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