Seven Ways to Increase Conversions on Your Website

What is conversion rate optimization? Conversion rate optimization (CRO) is the process of increasing the percentage of visitors who become customers. You can do it by improving your landing page, your website navigation, or other aspects that prevent potential customers from converting to sales. You only need to make sure your website SEO link building is on point. The following tips will help you increase conversions on your website:

Social Media Integration

By adding social media icons to your website, you can drive more traffic from visitors. This is a simple way for people to share and engage with what they find interesting. A study found that over 80% of users who see the Facebook Like button will click it if relevant content exists on a webpage. Therefore ensure your website is SEO linkbuilding to see the benefits of integrating social media.

Customer Reviews and Testimonials

Another way to increase conversions is by adding customer reviews and testimonials to your website. These are effective because they give other potential customers the confidence to make a purchase decision based on what others have experienced before them, which can boost sales dramatically.

Colour Scheme

Using different colours in your web design will help you stand out from competitors. In addition, colours have specific psychological effects on people, so finding a suitable colour scheme will help you increase conversions.

Mobile Optimization

Mobile Optimization

Statistically, it’s been found that more and more web traffic is coming from mobile devices. It’s essential to make sure your website SEO link building follows this trend to reach maximum potential customers. A responsive website will adapt to different screen sizes, which makes it easier for users everywhere.

Multivariate Testing

This SEO link building strategy is crucial because it allows you to test different elements of your website and see which one performs best. For example, you can use multivariate testing to try out how a new call-to-action button or colour scheme would affect conversions on your site. Additionally, you can use SEO tools to see how your website stacks up against competitors in the SERPs.

Remarketing Campaigns.

This SEO link building strategy is helpful because it allows you to target visitors who have already been on your site and show them ads as they browse around the internet. If these users didn’t convert the first time, remarketing campaigns would help convince them to do so later. Ensure your SEO link building is on point by using remarketing campaigns.

Using Heat Maps to See Where Visitors are Going and Why They’re Leaving

A heat map shows where your visitors are clicking on your website, which is helpful because it tells you the places to keep and the ones that need improvement. For example, when an area doesn’t get much attention from customers, it might be time for a new design element or placement change to ensure people don’t miss out.

Get Feedback From Customers.

Finally, talking to your customers will help you understand how they feel about using your website. Ask them questions like “what do you think is missing?” or “why didn’t you buy this product?” Getting feedback from users allows you to find out what might be preventing people from converting and fix it immediately.

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