Seven Amazing Tips to Use Your LMS Effectively

There exists a variety of learning management systems that you can choose from, but the key thing is to make the best use of it no matter which LMS you choose. There are quite a few challenges when you deal with an LMS, which will be discussed in this article. This can help to deliver your online course effectively and help to stand out from your competitors. All you need to do is know how to use your tool and overcome the challenges of dealing with it. In this article, we will discuss those points.

1) Progress updates:

Assigning tasks to the learners and tracking the progress without a proper tracker can be frustrating. Thus, a tool that tracks the workload is a must. This tool also helps the learners to manage their time well and be aware of the task beforehand. With the help of a task tracker, you can find out the progress of the learners by finding out how much of the course is completed and how much is left. It also provides some milestones to finish within a certain time limit. This helps to keep the learners motivated and engaged.

2) Integrations:

Integrations provide better options if you want to make the best use of your tool. With an LMS WordPress integration, you can manage your online course content effectively, handle subscriptions, and much more. Along with these, the right LMS WordPress plugin has a user-friendly interface, is search-engine friendly, and offers many more customization possibilities. For instance, integration with social media helps your learners to post their doubts and updates on the course. which may help your course gain more attention.

3) Progress tracking:

With a learning management system, you can find out all the data regarding the learner performance within the tool itself. You don’t need offline assessments to check the progress. Learners can receive feedback and progress reports which provide them an idea of where to improve. Instructors can also find the learner’s performance data in a single tab without much hassle. This gives them a better perspective on where the entire class stands in terms of progress.

4) Multi-device compatibility:

A good LMS must offer access to mobiles, laptops, and tablets. No matter what device you use, the tool should provide the same user experience. This provides the user more flexibility to learn from any device. When your learners are stuck in traffic; they can quickly open their mobile phones and go through the content which is not possible if the LMS provides access to only a desktop. 

5) Unrestricted library access:

Your learners must be able to access all the learning content libraries and databases which can help them gain more knowledge about the course. If there is a dedicated place to search for all the course-related items, it wouldn’t create much confusion. If the learner finds anything difficult while going through the content, it should be explained in a detailed manner. Reinforcement of concepts multiple times will help in knowledge retention.

6) Messaging each other:

Within the LMS tool, the learners must be able to communicate and send messages to the instructors and vice-versa. This will help in revisiting something related to the course in a very easy and stress-free manner. 

7) Rewards for good performance:

Rewards and recognition are what everyone craves when they perform well at anything. You should provide rewards for your learners who completed the course. For instance, you can maybe offer a relevant course as a reward for the completion of the current course. This can be a great way to motivate your learners. Although it might cost you some money, to prioritize learner satisfaction, you must reward them.


We hope this article helps you to use your LMS effectively and improve the learner effectiveness and gain more benefits. 

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