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While launching the business website for the first time, people often pick a certain kind of shared hosting. That is because sharing the server and resources reduces the overall cost of the hosting service. And, thus, you receive a cheap solution to host your web business. However, once your website begins to expand, the effective management of increasing traffic, security, and uptime becomes difficult. Here you require a hosting server that can serve your website with independent and consistent support. In such a situation, the Dedicated Server in Ashburn serves as a perfect option to which you can upgrade. Continue reading to acquire insights into its functioning and how it makes the business’s future development smooth. 

About Dedicated Server Ashburn 

The dedicated server Ashburn is designed to give an autonomous environment for hosting a business website. It functions solely for your web business. With ashburn dedicated server hosting, you acquire all the server resources such as CPU, RAM, bandwidth, etc. You get the privilege to run your server the way it completely accommodates your business website. Since you host your web business on the entire server while having numerous privileges, the dedicated server hosting plan in ashburn is more expensive than other hosting solutions. 

However, you can find the cheapest and most flexible dedicated server in Ashburn with the Serverwala cloud data center. Moreover, Serverwala itself is among the top-notch hosting providers in the industry. You will know about the company and its leading dedicated hosting services in the later sections. The subsequent section highlights the advantages of hosting your web business on a dedicated server. 

Various Advantages of Using Dedicated Server in Ashburn Are:

Dedicated Server Ashburn

No Upfront Costs

Your hosting provider takes charge of the infrastructure, building, monitoring facility, and other technicalities for the server’s efficient functioning. You do not have to deal with the server maintenance, nor do you have to pay for it. You only need to pay for the Ashburn dedicated server hosting service.

Unique IP address

With the dedicated server in Ashburn, your website obtains a unique IP address. The unique IP address is a dedicated IP address that you do not share with other websites. Moreover, it helps your web business acquire an SSL certificate for ensuring security to your clients and website visitors. 

Complete Authority

Your hosting provider renders you full root access to your server. With root access, you acquire complete authority over your dedicated server. This enables you to configure your server in the most wanted way. Also, you can run any operating system, applications, or programs on your dedicated server in Ashburn. 

High Scalability

You can scale up your web resources anytime with cheap dedicated server in ashburn.  Moreover, your website does not have to face any downtime or halt in its operations during the scaling-up process. You can just let your hosting provider know about your requirements, and things will be done easily and quickly. The high scalability helps in managing and regulating high web traffic without affecting the websites’ dynamic performance.

Furthermore, it is crucial to pick a reliable and renowned dedicated server hosting provider. It will let you employ all the advantages and privileges of the dedicated server ashburn effectively. 

About: Serverwala Cloud Data Center  

As stated earlier, Serverwala is among the top-leading cloud data centers. It has gained recognition through various awards for rendering world-class hosting services. You will obtain the best-dedicated server in Ashburn at the most affordable rates from Serverwala. Moreover, you will have enterprise-grade hardware with secure connections and SSH root control. The company ensures the premium and fastest network connectivity along with the 100% uptime guarantee. Check out below the company’s cheap dedicated server ashburn hosting plans and what customers have to say about them. 

Serverwala: Best & Cheap Plans of Dedicated Server Ashburn 

The Serverwala hosting company offers a different range of cheap plans for a dedicated server in Ashburn. Each plan ensures a robust network, service level agreement, and optimal performance. Moreover, you will also get the assurance for 24/7/365 technical support from the company’s experts with all sorts of dedicated plans or packages. 

Customer Review 

The customers’ reviews are the feedback about how their experiences have been with the company’s services.  They enable you to make sure that you are picking the most suitable hosting service from the right hosting provider. Thus, here we are presenting you the customer review of the Serverwala cheap dedicated server in Ashburn. 


To conclude, one can say that the dedicated server hosting Ashburn assists in the swift growth of the web business. It permits you to execute and employ everything required to host your business website flexibly. Further, Serverwala company provides round-the-clock customer assistance so that you can have all your queries resolved. You can communicate with the company’s professionals anytime via different network modes – Whatsapp, Skype, Email, Phone, etc. Also, you can browse the company’s website to gain more details about its best and cheap dedicated server in Ashburn.


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