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If you are looking to grow your web business exponentially, you need to turn to a suitable web hosting service. You can find ample hosting solutions in the industry, such as shared, virtual, and dedicated. However, you require high availability of resources and complete authority over your server to run an emerging business smoothly. Here the Best Dedicated Server Germany finds its perfect place. It renders everything required to host the business website swiftly and drops out all the drawbacks that users face with shared or VPS hosting. Apart from getting insights into the Best Dedicated Server Germany, you will also learn about the reliable and leading hosting company in this article – Serverwala. After all, the efficiency of any hosting server is determined through the facilities rendered by a hosting provider. 

Know About Dedicated Server Germany

Dedicated Server Germany

The dedicated server in Germany functions solely for an individual who purchases it. In other words, when you lease the entire server to host your web business, it becomes your dedicated server. All the server resources also operate completely for your business website. You get the power to decide whether you want to share your web resources and server space with other users’ websites or not. Moreover, with the Serverwala Dedicated Server Germany, you can acquire various advantages to achieve your business goals with utmost ease. Jump to the following section to know about them in detail. 

Advantages of Using Serverwala Dedicated Server in Germany

Dedicated Server in Germany

#1. Hardware RAID

With the Serverwala dedicated server hosting Germany, your business will obtain provision for the Redundant Array of Independent Disks (RAID). You will have the benefit for buying RAID 0, 1, 5, and 10 as and when needed at an additional price.  

#2. Premium Bandwidth

Your business website will acquire the fastest network connection for its optimal performance with the Best Dedicated Hosting Germany. Moreover, it will get the opportunity to acquire the bandwidth from 100 MBPS to GBPS. This will enable your business to have an effortless transmission of huge volumes of data. 

#3. Private VLAN Subnets

The company’s dedicated hosting service will further permit you to build private server clusters. You will be able to create them with your dedicated server while making use of 10 GBPS virtual LAN subnets.

#4. Robust Network

Serverwala has built its data centers worldwide that offer high network connectivity. The company makes it available for your web business with multiple Internet Exchanges. Further, various top-notch service providers add Extreme-IX – Bandwidth, Extreme-IX, DE-CIX, NIXI to the multiple Internet Exchanges. 

#5. IPv4 and IPv6 addresses

With the Cheap dedicated server in Germany, your business website acquires a unique IP address. The unique IP address is a dedicated IP address that also enables your web business to obtain the SSL certificate. The Serverwala will provide one IPv4 and IPv6 address to your web business with its dedicated server hosting service. Also, you get the chance to purchase more IPs from the company at a minimal extra price. 

#6. SSH Root Control

You will get the SSH root control of your dedicated server. It will enable you to have full authority over your server. This also means you will be able to configure and customize your server easily and quickly on your own. You can install any applications, operating system, or programs on your Best dedicated server in Germany. And, you can make your server function in just the way you want for your web business. 

#7. High-level security

The Serverwala company aims to render high-level security with each dedicated server. Your web business will acquire DDoS protection, SSL security, firewall protection, and other advanced security measures. Moreover, you will also be able to implement the security layers from your end in order to ensure complete data security. 

Information About: Serverwala Cloud Data Center 

Talking about the Serverwala, it is one of the highly renowned and most influential organizations worldwide. It has never lagged behind in achieving recognition for rendering world-class hosting services. You can have the best dedicated server in Germany with high-grade hosting facilities from the company. The company renders the resilient infrastructure with the latest technology to let you boost your website performance. Moreover, its fastest dedicated servers help your business website give excellent performance even under traffic peaks and with heavy applications.  

Serverwala: Best Plans & Packages of Dedicated Server Hosting Germany 

Dedicated Server Germany

You will get an extensive range of dedicated server hosting plans to choose from with the Serverwala company. They all are highly versatile and easily scalable. Each plan or package will come with a service level agreement. Your web business will have the guarantee of having a 100% uptime that will lead to an enhanced visitor ratio. Moreover, the company will also provide the support of top-tier equipment and a premium network. The company’s dedicated Hosting Germany plan will further ensure you low latency, intensified productivity, and increased reliability. 

Why Choose Serverwala For Germany-based Dedicated Servers? 

Dedicated Server in Germany

The Serverwala hosting company makes sure to provide the complete value for your money. Although you will find the dedicated server hosting costlier than the other hosting services due to its benefits and privileges. But with the Serverwala company, you can comparatively have the cheap dedicated server hosting Germany with all the advantages mentioned above. Thus, you will be able to reinforce your website performance with minimal cost and provide a high-class end-user experience. Additionally, you will get the possibility to connect a dedicated hosting server in Germany internally with your private cloud server. And, there will be no interruptions by any external networks.

Furthermore, many good hosting companies lag behind in providing a sound technical support system. This often makes it a little difficult for the users to host their website on a dedicated server. Whereas the Serverwala hosting company has been successful in this aspect as well. It renders 24/7/365 technical support to its clients with both the managed and unmanaged dedicated hosting plans. You will have the back of an expert team that will provide you with instant and smart solutions. 


If you are new to the Best Web Hosting Provider industry or do not have time to manage your cheapest dedicated server in Germany, you must pick the managed hosting service. The Serverwala hosting company provides fully managed hosting services. It will take complete responsibility from your server configuration to its maintenance. And, you will be able to switch your focus to the core of your web business. On the other side, you can also gain supplementary services from the company, such as easy billing merchants accounts, client management software, etc. Check out the company’s website and grab more knowledge about its best-dedicated server in Germany – 


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