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Riding Boots – Are They Really Necessary?

For every motorbike ride, from a quick trip to the store to a touring trip, riding boots are indispensable items for a rider’s protection. And although some may not think it’s necessary for every rider – we respectfully disagree. Motorcycle boots shield the rider’s feet and ankles from road debris and provide safety in the event of a slip or collision. Additionally, a decent riding boot helps you maintain a better grip than regular shoes and will keep your legs warm in the winter. 

Riding boots are sturdily built with hard protective shells and soles to protect against impact, friction, and the bike’s exhaust. They are typically made of leather, plastic, fabric, or nubuck. Leather riding boots provide the best protection of all of them; the downside is that they won’t breathe as well as fabric riding boots. 

When it’s time to ride, sneakers, trendy shoes, or dad’s work boots won’t do much to protect your feet. This is because every accident involves some sliding, and even at a small speed of 15 mph, non-bike-specific footwear can get torn to shreds, offering no protection whatsoever to the rider’s feet.

Are Motorcycle Boots Really That Important?

Feets are complex things to fix up, so we assume you want to safeguard your feet and ankles with the right boots. You could definitely get away with a pair of sturdy, protective, and supportive all-purpose boots, like work boots, if you don’t want to spend the money on boots made expressly for riding a motorbike. But as we will soon explain, that’s not the best course of action.

Equipping yourself with the proper footwear is just as crucial for riding as donning a helmet, gloves, jacket, and other safety gear. According to collected data, the most common injuries from motorbike falls are scratches and fractures, with the legs being the most often affected body area. The research shows that without protective footwear, such as a pair of correctly fitted motorcycle boots or shoes, motorcycle riders are six times more prone to serious foot injuries.

When riding a motorbike, wearing boots can reduce the risk of suffering catastrophic injuries. In comparison to shoes not specifically made for motorcycle riding, boots greatly boost the user’s chances of surviving an accident, according to the Motorcycle Safety Foundation. Additionally, wearing riding boots significantly reduces your risk of suffering foot or ankle injuries in a crash.

How to Choose Your Riding Boot

Whether you are a race rider, dirt rider, street rider, or just a casual rider whose only interest is in going from one point to the next, you will be thankful for bike boots if you ever get involved in a crash. However, not many motorcycle riders are keen on using bike-specific boots, citing discomfort, and cost as major drawbacks. But riding boots don’t always have to be uncomfortable, extravagant, or expensive.

Boots for motorcycles should be snug and comfy. Uncomfortable shoes will make you more distracted and tired when riding. Additionally, motorcycle boots must offer defense against road debris, very cold weather, and the bike’s exhaust pipes. The soles should have a strong grip and be flat (not heeled), resilient to repeated road impact, and also chemical-resistant. A crash is the final test. In most situations, a pair of bike boots should provide protection from foot and ankle injuries. 

For more adventurous biking such as dirt bike racing, riders need all the protection of a full-leg boot. These boots are unquestionably the most durable and by far the toughest, and as a result, they provide the feet and lower legs with the greatest level of protection. Although the size of their top portion may appear excessive, once they are on, they not only hug your calves but also provide space for knee movement.

Lastly, you don’t have to break the bank just to get a decent riding boot. There are boots for different budgets that do not compromise on what matters most – your protection. You will find a wide assortment of dirt bike graphics designs, and accessories all in one place at SKDA.

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